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    Posted on Jun 12, 2013

    Is DJ Qualls Hot?

    The goofy actor was also a fashion model. I'm not really sure what to believe.

    DJ Qualls might not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of sex appeal.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    But he's at least a little charming, right?

    Toby Canham / Getty Images

    He might even be — dare I say it? — hot.

    Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

    Like, OK, he hasn't always had the best hair.

    I mean, gross.

    But then you see his modeling pictures, and you're like, hey, wait a minute.

    Has he always been hot? Maybe you never noticed.

    And then he's back to playing a spaz on Supernatural. Does not compute.

    The CW

    I'm getting Don Knotts vibes here. Don Knotts: not hot.

    The CW

    And then suddenly he's hot again! I JUST DON'T GET IT. What is this sorcery?

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Help me out here.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Because I'm at a loss.

    The CW

    So: is DJ Qualls hot or not?


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