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    14 Horrifically Gory Moments On TV

    Series like FX's The Strain are upping the ante on television violence. But there are plenty of other gruesome examples of televised gore. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

    1. The Strain: Gabriel Bolivar loses a penis.


    And then he just...flushes it? Because I guess what else are you supposed to do? Listen, this entire series is gory and revolting. Rest assured, there are way more gross-out moments to come.

    2. Hemlock Grove: The werewolf transformation

    Netflix / Via

    There is nothing not ridiculously disturbing about the way Hemlock Grove does a werewolf transformation. I mean, falling eyeballs? Kudos. And also, WHY.

    3. Hannibal: Mason Verger eats his own nose.


    That is, of course, after feeding scraps of his face to a dog. Fans of the Hannibal Lecter book series and films knew this moment was coming, but seeing Mason Verger (Michael Pitt) graphically self-mutilate was (sorry) tough to swallow.

    4. Breaking Bad: A partially dissolved body falls through the ceiling.

    AMC / Via

    See, this is why you always follow Walt's (Bryan Cranston) instructions carefully. Now you have to deal with a bloody mess and a giant hole in the ceiling.

    5. The X-Files: The doctor gives himself a face peel.

    20th Television / Via

    So many gross things happened over the years on The X-Files, but the Season 4 episode "Sanguinarium" โ€” which also involves a patient getting her face burned off with acid โ€” is definitely one of the goriest.

    6. True Blood: Russell Edgington interrupts a broadcast.


    Just as humans and vampires are trying to learn how to live together, one bad vampire apple has to come and spoil things for the bunch. Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) isn't here to make friends โ€” he's here to rip out a news anchor's spine on live TV.

    7. Bones: Snake in the body


    Honestly, where do you begin with a show that traffics in disgustingly decaying corpses? How about a snake crawling out of a very decayed body? That'll do, right? Ugh.

    8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander loses an eye.

    20th Television

    Amazingly enough, the Scoobies emerge from Buffy's final season relatively unscathed. Except for poor Xander (Nicholas Brendon), who has his left eye gouged out by Caleb (Nathan Fillion).

    9. The Walking Dead: The well zombie splits in half.


    What happens when you let a zombie hang out in a well too long? You really, really don't want to know.

    10. CSI: Nick steps in a rotting corpse.

    CBS / Via

    Do not bother washing those shoes. Throw them in a bag, burn it, and spend the next several hours crying. I realize these are professionals, but there are LIMITS.

    11. Supernatural: Sam loses a fingernail.

    Warner Bros. Television

    OK, maybe not the most graphic thing to ever happen on Supernatural, but THIS WAS A CHRISTMAS EPISODE. There was no way to prepare for the cringe-inducing violence. Just try looking at this image without squirming.

    12. Game of Thrones: The Mountain crushes the Viper's head.

    HBO / Via

    And what a handsome head it was. It's always so much sadder when the charming characters die horribly on this show.

    13. American Horror Story: Kyle's disembodied parts


    Although technically those limbs don't all belong to Kyle (Evan Peters). Once they're all stitched together, though, he'll be something approaching human again! And hopefully that will help mentally erase this horrifying image.

    14. Penny Dreadful: Frankenstein's first monster rips through his second.

    Showtime / Via

    Call it sibling rivalry, or just call it totally gross. But this shocker at the end of Penny Dreadful's second episode was hard to watch on multiple levels.

    What gory TV moment is still haunting your dreams? Add it in the comments!