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Posted on May 29, 2013

19 Great Moments In "Human Centipede" History

As news of the third Human Centipede film begins spreading, let's remember the magical journey that's brought us here.

1. When we first learned how a human centipede works.

2. And we got a lesson in anatomy.

3. When it figured out how to crawl.

4. When these fateful words were uttered.

5. When we all related to the bad guy.

6. When Roger Ebert refused to give the film any stars.

7. When it got parodied on South Park.

8. And became a greeting card.

9. When the sequel was released, and we learned it was the second film in a trilogy.

10. When we saw Martin for the first time.

11. And the human centipede grew past our wildest dreams.

12. When Martin showed off his sweet moves.

13. When Roger Ebert condemned the sequel, too.

14. When this charming necklace was made.

15. And this cat toy!

16. When someone got this tattoo.

17. When Eric Roberts joined the cast of The Human Centipede 3.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

18. And we learned the next human centipede would be 500-PEOPLE LONG.

19. Not to mention appearances by Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey!

And now the hardest part is waiting.

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