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    21 "Ghost World" Quotes That Defined Your Adolescence

    If you were a teenager when Ghost World came out, you spent a lot of time quoting Enid and Rebecca. And probably still do.

    1. When you were working retail:

    2. When someone criticized your outfit:

    3. When you were around other people:

    4. When you weren't getting laid:

    5. When somebody attractive liked you:

    6. When you let everyone down:

    7. When you couldn't feign enthusiasm:

    8. When you had a crush:

    9. When you had to deal with idiots:

    10. When you felt superior to other weird people:

    11. When everyone was being a dick:

    12. When you couldn't even enjoy something ironically:

    13. When someone understood you:

    14. When you were feeling extra judgmental:

    15. When everyone sucked except you:

    16. When someone made you leave the house:

    17. When you wanted to meet people like you but also not:

    18. When all your friends were dating and you weren't:

    19. When you were feeling low:

    20. When you were feeling REALLY low:

    21. When anyone tried to talk to you, ever: