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Freddy Krueger's Top 18 Kills In The "Nightmare On Elm Street" Series

No slasher villain has ever come close to Freddy's creativity. To celebrate Robert Englund's birthday, let's look back at some of Krueger's most memorable murders. WARNING: Ample gore and mild nudity.

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18. Mark Grey (The Dream Child)

It's one of the least gory deaths of the series, but it's also one of the strangest. The two-dimensional drawings in black-and-white give Mark's death the feel of a really dark A-ha music video.

16. Kerry (Freddy's Revenge)

There's ambiguity to this scene — as in the first film, it's unclear if Kerry's death is actually happening or just a final scare for the audience. Either way, it's effective, like the hand in Carrie but way grosser.


14. Chase Porter (Wes Craven's New Nightmare)

The scariest thing about Chase's death is that it looks like Freddy's hand is going for his crotch. But even when it's clear that's not the case, it's still a frightening reminder to not fall asleep behind the wheel.

13. Carlos (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)

New Line Cinema

Let's be clear: the giant Q-tip through the ear should have killed him. Still, there's something fiendishly great about the way it actually happens, with Freddy's chalkboard scraping abrasive enough to make Carlos' head explode.

12. Nancy Thompson (Dream Warriors)

While the circumstances of Nancy's death aren't particularly inventive, the fact that she dies is kind of a big deal. Remember that she was the first film's Final Girl, which should guarantee survival. Also, hasn't she suffered enough?


10. Julie (Wes Craven's New Nightmare)

Julie's death is, of course, an homage to Tina's (see below). That doesn't make it any less horrible — especially since Heather's already traumatized son is forced to witness the whole thing.

9. Coach Schneider (Freddy's Revenge)

New Line Cinema

Look, male nudity for a change! All of Freddy's Revenge is a queer subversion of classic horror tropes, and the murder of Coach Schneider in the gym showers is particularly homoerotic. But was it Freddy or Jesse who did the deed?

8. Phillip Anderson (Dream Warriors)

Oof, this one's tough to watch. It's gruesome enough to think of Freddy manipulating his victim like a puppet, but using the poor guy's ligaments as puppet strings? That's a new level of terrible.


2. Ron Grady (Freddy's Revenge)

Grady's death itself isn't the memorable part — it's how Freddy shows up in Grady's bedroom. The scene in which Jesse essentially gives birth to Freddy is up there with some of Cronenberg's iconic body horror moments.

1. Glen Lantz (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

And here it is: the ultimate Nightmare on Elm Street death. It's hard to forget the endless fountain of blood, or Glen's struggle as he's pulled inside his bed. Not knowing exactly how he bites it just adds to the anxiety.