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    12 Forgotten Cereal Mascots

    For every Tony the Tiger, there's a Poppy the Porcupine.

    1. Waldo the Wizard (Lucky Charms)

    2. Poppy the Porcupine (Sugar Corn Pops)

    3. Big Yella (Sugar Corn Pops)

    4. Alphie (Alpha-Bits)

    5. Mrs. Tony (Frosted Flakes)

    6. Fruit Brute

    7. Paul Jung (Sugar Smacks)

    8. The Genie (Sprinkle Spangles)

    9. Sugar Jet Kids (Sugar Jets)

    10. Granny Goodwitch (Sugar Crisp)

    11. Chockle the Blob (Choco Crunch Cereal)

    12. So-Hi (Rice Krinkles)