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14 Secrets From The Set Of "Faking It"

Watch the exclusive Season 2 trailer, then find out what the cast and showrunner had to say about what's coming up for Karma and Amy. WARNING: Minor Season 2 spoilers ahead!

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Season 1 of MTV's Faking It ended with — well, a bang. After Amy (Rita Volk) revealed her romantic feelings for Karma (Katie Stevens) and got rejected, she fell into bed with Karma's sort-of boyfriend Liam (Gregg Sulkin), who had just learned that Karma and Amy were only pretending to be in a lesbian relationship.

Yes, it's complicated. And it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Last month, BuzzFeed News visited the set of Faking It to talk to showrunner Carter Covington and the cast about what's to come in Season 2, which premieres on Sept. 23.

Check out the exclusive Faking It Season 2 trailer, then read on for some teases about Amy and Liam's big secret, the truth behind Lauren's (Bailey De Young) pill-popping, and some very special guest appearances.


1. Yes, that finale was upsetting, but sticking with Faking It will pay off.

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As showrunner Carter Covington predicted to BuzzFeed News at the end of the MTV series' debut season, fans were distraught over Faking It's explosive Season 1 finale — particularly Karmasexual Amy doing the deed with Liam. But take a deep breath. That was the plan all along. "It reinforced that people care about the characters, and so my takeaway from it was, We’re doing a good job because people care about these people a lot and they’re very invested in the plotline," Covington said. Hopefully you didn't angrily vow to never watch the show again. And if you did, perhaps you're willing to reconsider. "I know where I want to take this story," Covington continued. "I know what stories I want to tell so I feel very confident that fans are gonna enjoy this season, and that the ones that were upset by the finale will have a lot to love in these 10 episodes."


2. Get ready for some big-name guest stars, including Fifth Harmony.

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Before we get into the plot of Season 2, let's talk about the fresh faces coming to Faking It. BuzzFeed News has learned exclusively that Fifth Harmony will be making an appearance as "an all-girl band with an edge who cover pop music’s most memorable boy band songs," per MTV. Also, as previously announced, Orange Is the New Black breakout star and Emmy nominee Laverne Cox will be guest starring as a very intense drama teacher.

3. The theme of Season 2 is guilt.

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This season picks up right where Season 1 left off, which means everyone has to deal with the aftermath of some not-so-great choices. "[Amy's] kind of on the other end now," Volk said. "Obviously she feels very guilty, whereas Karma felt guilty in the first season. Now it’s Amy’s turn to feel really guilty about herself." Covington confirmed that guilt was a major theme of Season 2 — and not just for Amy and Liam (and more on them below), but also for Karma, who is dealing with having rejected Amy, and for Shane (Michael Willett), who spilled the beans on the Karmy relationship and caused a lot of heartbreak.

4. Karma is going to go all out to repair her friendship with Amy.

It's hard to come back from your best friend telling you she's in love with you. And even harder when you rejected her. But all that's on Karma's mind when Season 2 begins is winning back Amy's friendship. "Karma is trying to be the best friend possible because she knows she hurt Amy, and she doesn’t want to lose her," Covington explained. But her tactics may be a bit over-the-top. "I’m really excited because one of my romantic gestures to Amy is, I get kind of that John Cusack Say Anything moment, where he stands outside with the speakers, except I’m actually outside her window playing for her," Stevens said. "She thinks she’s doing this act that’s telling Amy how much she wants to be friends, not realizing how romantic it is."

5. Karmy fans need not give up hope, but the focus is on friendship for the time being.

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Whatever bumps they encounter along the way, everyone agrees that Karma and Amy will always find their way back to each other. As friends. But what about as something more? "It’s one of those things that we’ve teased towards. Maybe Karma in the threesome episode, there was that Wait, does Karma feel for Amy?" Stevens said. For now, however, Amy is focused on friendship, too. "Amy is not letting those feelings get in the way, and I think that’s just a testament to how great of a friend she is, and how mature she is, that she can step back from it and say, OK, these feelings are not being reciprocated but that’s OK, because I would rather have you in my life as a friend than not have you at all," Volk said.


6. But there may be a future for Karma and Liam.

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Despite the classic rom-com moment, for now, Karma's feelings for Amy are purely friendly. But while Liam's certainly pissed that Karma lied to him — and is harboring a major secret of his own — don't rule out the possibility of more romance down the line. "I don’t think either of them have really experienced people in their life like the other," Sulkin said. "I think Liam is obviously her first huge love, and I think, from Liam’s point of view, Karma is the first girl that he really noticed and saw and thought was unique and special. So I hope — I hope — that there’s a romance still possible. Obviously mistakes have consequences." Speaking of that mistake...

7. Amy and Liam have different ideas of how to deal with their big secret.

"Liam is holding a secret from the love of his life, and Amy is also holding a secret from the love of her life," Sulkin said. Don't expect Amy and Liam to make the same mistake twice, but they do now have a special bond. "We have a relationship now between Amy and Liam that’s based on this horrible thing they did together," Covington said. Amy knows that telling Karma will destroy her, but Liam is more conflicted because he hates lying. "This secret he has really starts to corrode him and his own sense of self-worth," Covington continued. "As he feels more and more like he has to tell, Amy feels more and more invested that he can’t."

8. But Karma will eventually find out that Amy and Liam had sex.

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It's only a matter of time. "I won’t tell you where, but that’s coming," Covington teased. When asked if Karma could ever forgive Amy, Stevens said, "I honestly have no idea. I was just trying to imagine if my best friend and my boyfriend ever slept together how I would get past that. And I honestly don’t know how I would get past that. But I do know that this show is all around the friendship between Amy and Karma, so I can never imagine that they’re gonna let Karma and Amy not be friends anymore. I know that they will find a way to get past it, but it might be a road. And that’s great, because that makes for more of a series."

9. We're going to find out a lot more about Liam's family.

And it sounds like his home life is less than ideal. "We’re gonna learn more about his family and explore why he hates lying," Covington said. "There’s definitely a few secrets there that Liam’s had to hide throughout his life and had to kind of grow up with, which kind of puts him on edge," Sulkin said. "The reason he’s an artist is because of that. You can see that he’s been wounded and had a huge weight on his shoulders throughout the years." Liam will also be doing some self-exploration, which means figuring out why he was drawn to a lesbian in the first place.


10. Shane will also be discovering himself. And other men.

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At the end of Season 1, Shane seemed to be embarking on a new relationship with Pablo (Anthony Palacios). But how long can that last when Pablo is celibate? "For Shane, it is definitely hard to sustain celibacy," Willett said. But either way, this will be a learning experience. "I think Pablo raised issues for [Shane] of, Am I a good person? Am I a bad person?" Covington said. "Is he a dependable friend? Is he not? And he’s gonna explore that ... What we’re really gonna dig into is what are his weaknesses, and what are the things that make him insecure or uneasy, because he does come off so well adjusted and confident. You’ll see some cracks in his overall persona." And — sorry, Pablo — there is another (non-celibate) love interest on the horizon: Covington promised "sexy time for Shane."

11. The truth behind Lauren's pills will be revealed in the Season 2 premiere.

Everyone's got secrets on Faking It, and what Lauren is hiding has major repercussions. "We’re finally gonna learn what the pills are for," Covington said. "It’s a secret that informs who she is at her core, and she’s going to spend the season sort of exploring that." In the process of "unmask[ing] her," as De Young put it, Lauren will also be getting a new love interest. Covington added, "She’s gonna struggle with whether or not to tell [him] this secret that we’re all gonna learn in the first episode."

12. Look forward to all sorts of new character interactions.

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While Season 1 was about getting to know the characters, Season 2 will continue to flesh them out, which means getting to see them interact in new ways. "As the show goes on, you see all of our worlds kind of cross over," De Young said. "We’re all having storylines together, which is really fun." "I’m starting to see myself interact more with Shane and Lauren, which I was really excited about, because that was actually one of the things I asked for," Stevens said. "I know we’re gonna get more scenes with my parents, which I also wanted because I think that they have a really funny dynamic. But definitely a lot of the people that didn’t have scenes together last season are gonna have scenes together this season." In terms of specifics, Willett teased his upcoming scenes with Karma: "Shane has some scenes where he kind of speaks his mind to Karma and tells her what he thinks of her."

13. Also: more singing!

Stevens was a contestant on American Idol, and while she doesn't want to spend every episode of Faking It singing — "I just wanted to make sure that I’m recognized for my acting and my singing kind of separately," she explained — she will be exercising her vocal talents in Season 2. And so will De Young and Willett, who didn't get a chance to do so in Season 1. "I’m in very talented company, that’s for sure," De Young said.

14. And yes, of course, plenty of eye candy.

"The show definitely goes upward on the sexy scale," Sulkin said. "Season 2 is continuing where it left off. It left off in bed and I think it’s gonna probably start in bed as well, and we’ll continue to have many shirtless scenes and kissing and things that teenagers do, which is great." Let's all breathe a sign of relief.

Faking It Season 2 premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

An earlier version of this story included the name of the band Fifth Harmony will be playing, but that has since changed.