Do You Know Your Lifetime Original Movie Titles?

Lifetime Original Movies are infamous for their terrible acting, melodramatic plots, and delightfully awful titles. Can you label these made-for-TV treasures?

  1. 1.

    Tori Spelling falls in love with a man her mother doesn’t trust. Also stars Ivan Sergei and Lisa Banes.

    1. Young Love
    2. Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
    3. Dark Attraction
    4. Mother Knows Best
  2. 2.

    Thora Birch is a teenage girl taking care of her drug-addicted parents. When she ends up homeless at 15, she vows to continue her education.

    1. When Life Gives You Lemons
    2. Out on the Street
    3. Homeless to Harvard
    4. Little Girl Lost
  3. 3.

    Dana Delany’s attempts to adopt a baby lead her to an illegal Eastern European baby-selling operation.

    1. Baby for Sale
    2. Black Market Baby
    3. She Only Wanted a Baby
    4. He’s Selling Our Baby
  4. 4.

    Uh oh! Rachel Ward has the hots for her domineering husband’s hunky son. Terry O’Quinn is the creepy father.

    1. Forbidden Lust
    2. So Wrong It’s Right
    3. Her Unspeakable Passion
    4. My Stepson, My Lover
  5. 5.

    Fred Savage is Candace Cameron’s abusive high school boyfriend. Things don’t end so well for her.

    1. His Secret Side
    2. No One Would Tell
    3. My Boyfriend’s Rage
    4. Kissing the Enemy
  6. 6.

    Marcia Gay Harden worries that her young daughter is being seduced into a world of sex, drugs, and much older boys.

    1. Leave My Daughter Alone
    2. She’s Too Young
    3. Keeping Her Safe
    4. Mommy’s Little Girl
  7. 7.

    Melissa Joan Hart convinces her boyfriend Jeremy Jordan to murder her parents.

    1. Twisted Desire
    2. Sweetie, Won’t You Kill My Parents?
    3. Putty in Her Hands
    4. Her Parents Had to Die
  8. 8.

    Amy Jo Johnson is a gymnast who develops an eating disorder after the coach pressures her to lose weight.

    1. I Just Want to Be Thin
    2. Scary Skinny
    3. Perfect Body
    4. She’s Fading Away
  9. 9.

    After being sedated during oral surgery, Michele Greene discovers that she’s been raped and left pregnant by her dentist.

    1. His Malpractice
    2. She Woke Up Pregnant
    3. My Waking Nightmare
    4. Dental Deceit
  10. 10.

    Jeremy Sumpter becomes addicted to internet porn, racking up his parents’ credit card bills and getting kicked off the swim team.

    1. Innocence Lost
    2. Teenage Porn Fiend
    3. He Wanted to Stop
    4. Cyber Seduction
  11. 11.

    Thanks to a hilarious prank by her roommate, Tori Spelling ends up working as an escort.

    1. Co-ed Call Girl
    2. Oops, I’m a Hooker
    3. Secret Escort
    4. Her Double Life
  12. 12.

    Real-life couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna play a husband and wife rocked by the discovery of his debilitating sex addiction.

    1. Daddy’s Little Secret
    2. What He Couldn’t Hide
    3. Sex, Lies & Obsession
    4. Til Sex Do Us Part

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