Do You Know New Year’s Traditions Around The World?

Fireworks happen almost everywhere, but each country has its own set of New Year’s traditions. How well do you know these cultures across the globe?

  1. 1. Mexico

    In Mexico, each of the 12 chimes during the midnight countdown is matched with eating…

    1. An olive.
    2. A grape.
    3. A grain of rice.
    4. A piece of chocolate.
  2. 2. Turkey

    In Turkey, Santa is associated with New Year’s Eve. The other Christmas tradition celebrated is…

    1. Decorating the tree.
    2. Hanging up stockings.
    3. Going to midnight mass.
    4. Caroling.
  3. 3. Scotland

    Scottish people celebrate “first-footing,” in which friends or family visit each other with gifts of whiskey and…

    1. A gem stone.
    2. A handmade card.
    3. A decorative glass.
    4. A lump of coal.
  4. 4. Finland

    In Finland, tin is melted then thrown into cold water. Fortunes are then told based off…

    1. How much it weighs.
    2. The shadows it casts.
    3. How far it can be thrown.
    4. The smell.
  5. 5. Philippines

    In the Philippines, it’s customary to wear clothes covered in…

    1. Stripes.
    2. Pockets.
    3. Polka-dots.
    4. Plaid.
  6. 6. Germany

    German tradition holds that for good luck and health, you should touch…

    1. A banker.
    2. A mother.
    3. A cobbler.
    4. A chimney sweep.
  7. 7. Japan

    In Japan, Buddhist temples ring their bells…

    1. 108 times.
    2. 12 times.
    3. Once for each year.
    4. 72 times.
  8. 8. Ecuador

    In Ecuador, men dress up as women as a representation of…

    1. The widow of the past year.
    2. The woman they will marry.
    3. The spirit of fertility.
    4. Their grandmothers.
  9. 9. Italy

    When the bell tolls midnight, Italians enjoy timed spoonfuls of…

    1. Beef stew.
    2. Minestrone.
    3. Lentil soup.
    4. Seafood chowder.
  10. 10. Russia

    In Russia, good fortune is predicted for the new year when the first visitor is…

    1. A woman.
    2. A man.
    3. A doctor.
    4. A teacher.
  11. 11. Estonia

    In Estonia, traditional meals are not finished to…

    1. Avoid gluttony.
    2. Leave food for Baby New Year.
    3. Leave food for ancestors.
    4. Allow for leftovers.
  12. 12. Singapore

    In Singapore, 20,000 spheres contain 100,000…

    1. Wishes.
    2. Baby names.
    3. Singapore dollars.
    4. Names of the deceased.

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