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Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" Scarred You For Life

In light of ABC's upcoming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, let's look back on the trauma of the Disney classic. You never forget your first bad trip.

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Alice in Wonderland starts off chill. Alice is a bored girl with an active imagination. As a kid, that's relatable.

Then shit gets real. This movie is terrifying from the moment Alice starts falling, and you're like WHAT IF SHE NEVER STOPS.

If you were a smart kid, you also realized she would totally die on impact. A dress is not a parachute.

Listen, if you're drowning in your own tears, the problem is not that you cried too much. It's that YOUR SIZE KEEPS CHANGING.

The next time you watch Alice in Wonderland, think about how badly you want to shout at the screen, "NO, ALICE, YOUR 'WONDERLAND' IS TRAUMATIC AND AWFUL."

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