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    Did You Know There Was A "Real Housewives Of Athens"?

    The Greek reality show premiered in March 2011 and ended just two months later.

    Say hello to the Greek Real Housewives.

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    Never heard of "The Real Housewives of Athens"?


    That's because the series was a huge failure. Not officially connected to the Bravo brand, The Real Housewives of Athens sought to capitalize on the American franchise by showing Greek women enjoying their opulent and carefree lifestyles.

    Not the best idea when your country is in the midst of total financial collapse.

    The Real Housewives of Athens were...

    Ioanna Soulioti, ex-model and TV presenter

    Orthoula Papadakou, ex-basketball player and business owner

    Annita Nathanail, ex-model and TV presenter

    Christina Papa, actress

    Joe Satratzemis Togou, fashion designer

    Fofi Mastrokosta, wife and mother


    You can watch all of the episodes on YouTube, but it helps if you speak Greek.

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    This is the pilot.

    And here's a promo for one of the episodes.

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    Featuring a puppy, a smattering of English, and some Greek singing.

    So here's the real question: How long until we get this show with subtitles?

    Or maybe it would just be easier to learn Greek.

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