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"Dexter" Season 8 Trailer Points To Dark And Bloody Series End

Deb is spiraling as Dexter spars with a psychiatrist who specializes in understanding psychopaths. It looks like Dexter is reaching a brutal conclusion — but what else did you expect?

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Well, we knew things weren't going to be easy for Debra after she decided to shoot innocent Captain LaGuerta instead of her serial killer brother. The new trailer for Dexter's eighth and final season shows that things are worse than imagined — Deb has turned to skeezy sex and hard drugs to cope with her guilt over the murder. And it looks as though she and Dexter aren't on great terms.

The other highlight of the trailer is the introduction of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, played by the great Charlotte Rampling. She's had an impressive career and is likely to elevate the season. Check out 2003's Swimming Pool if you want to see how well Rampling handles herself in a psychological thriller. Given that Dexter has so few episodes left, could Dr. Vogel be the one who finally unmasks the real Bay Harbor Butcher?

Otherwise, the trailer looks like standard Dexter: a new serial killer, gruesome kill room murders, and hilariously incompetent Miami Metro police officers. As long as the show keeps up the quality of last season — a major improvement over a weak sixth season — the series should end on a high note.

Dexter's eighth season premieres June 30th at 9 p.m. on Showtime.