18 Hilarious Quotes From Carrie Fisher From "Bright Lights"

    There was plenty to cry about, but also laugh about in the poignant new HBO documentary about the relationship between the actor-writer and her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

    1. On glamorous dresses.

    2. On the silver lining of aging.

    3. On proper bathroom decor.

    4. On classic portraiture.

    5. On anatomical realities.

    6. On family bonds.

    7. On monetizing her celebrity.

    8. On her former father-in-law.

    9. And his interests.

    10. On hospitality.

    11. On the physical body in the afterlife.

    12. On her fitness regimen.

    13. On how celebrities age.

    14. On virginity.

    15. On competing with Elizabeth Taylor.

    16. On always being on.

    17. On her financial future.

    18. On getting a break.