40 Awkward Photos From The "TRL" Photo Booth

If you were a star in the ’90s or early aughts, you paid a visit to the TRL photo booth.

2. 98 Degrees

3. Aaron Carter

4. Amanda Bynes

5. Ashton Kutcher

7. Black Eyed Peas

8. Blink 182

9. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan

10. Christina Aguilera

11. Claire Danes and Ben Lee

12. Daniel Radcliffe

13. Donald Trump

14. Eddie Cahill

17. Fergie and Miley Cyrus

18. Frankie Muniz

19. Gregory Smith

21. Insane Clown Posse (Violent J)

22. Jaime Pressly and Simon Rex

23. Jake Gyllenhaal

24. James Franco

25. Jamie Foxx

26. Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

27. John McCain

28. The Killers

29. Lebron James

31. Ludacris

32. Milo Ventimiglia

33. Muhammad Ali

34. Nick Cannon

37. Rosario Dawson, Rachel Leigh Cook and Tara Reid

39. Teck Holmes

40. Vanessa Carlton

View the veritable time capsule of 517 photos here. Thanks to Pilot Bacon for bringing this miraculous collection to our attention.

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