An Imaginary Conversation With James Van Der Beek And Freddie Prinze Jr.

Did you know the ’90s teen heartthrobs were born on March 8, one year apart? Now you do.

1. Interviewer: First of all, happy birthday to you both. Congratulations on another year of being awesome.

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.:

4. Interviewer: How are you celebrating?

7. Interviewer: It’s nice to see you guys letting loose.

10. Interviewer: Wait, James, put your clothes back on.

13. Interviewer: Hey, now, let’s calm down. James, stop crying.

16. Interviewer: Exactly. I’m trying to get to know you guys better.

19. Interviewer: So, right. Questions. You’ve both always had a way with women.

22. Interviewer: But have you ever dealt with rejection?

25. Interviewer: How do you handle that?

28. Interviewer: Aw, guys! But like, you know you’re hot, right?

31. Interviewer: What’s it like dealing with your rabid fans?

34. Interviewer: And how do you relax after a long day?

37. Interviewer: OK, this is getting weird. And TMI. Why did you guys even agree to this interview?

40. Interviewer: I’m not gonna lie — I feel used. Thanks for hanging out, but why don’t you go and get back to partying.

43. Interviewer: I’m afraid to ask, but … any closing thoughts?

47. Interviewer: Great. Thanks. (Never again.) Bye, guys.

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