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    The 30 Most Epic Things That Have Happened On "America's Next Top Model" This Season

    In Cycle 20, Top Model finally added guys to the mix, breathing new life into the reality series. Here are some of this season's most breathtaking moments so far.

    30. When Virgg got weird on the runway.

    29. When Tyra discovered animated GIFs.

    28. When Chris got lost in his own thoughts.

    27. When this poor man's Honey Boo Boo was used as a trailer park prop.

    26. When Cory embraced his masculine side.

    25. When Nina showed off her O-face.

    24. When Don got his nails did.

    23. When Jourdan was too sheltered to function.

    Via top-model.

    22. When Nina established herself as the "quirky" one.

    21. When Tyra was a poet.

    20. When this photo happened.

    19. When everyone had a sob story.

    Via boydom.

    18. When the photographer was basically Salvador Dalí.

    17. When Marvin earned his nickname "Starvin' Marvin."

    16. When the men were consistently emotional.

    15. When Renee did not suffer fools.

    14. When Jourdan went goth without knowing what goth meant.

    13. When Mike drunkenly spit on himself.

    12. And then passed out.

    11. When Don was somehow even prettier as a woman.

    10. When things got very gay very fast.

    9. When the boys got dominated.

    8. When Jeremy busted a move.

    7. When Phil was reborn as the hipster Jesus.

    6. When Jeremy's bulge got blurred.

    5. When Phil broke a fence because FEELINGS.

    4. When Chris didn't know how to not have crazy eyes.

    3. When Jeremy cried. Hard.

    2. When Jiana denied Phil's hug.

    1. When Marvin was sorry about the clowns.

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