16 Actors You Forgot Were On "The Wonder Years"

If you were a teen actor in the ’80s and ’90s, there’s a good chance you ended up on The Wonder Years. Here’s a list of the surprising guest stars in chronological order.

1. John Corbett

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Before he played Carrie’s boyfriend Aidan on Sex and the City, John Corbett was Karen’s boyfriend Louis in “Angel.”

2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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The future Zack Morris competes with Kevin for Lisa Berlini in “Dance With Me.”

3. Breckin Meyer

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Can’t have Bash without Franklin! Breckin Meyer played bad boy Gary in “The Heart of Darkness.”

4. Dustin Diamond

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More Saved by the Bell alumni: Dustin Diamond was Joey in “Loosiers” and “The Glee Club.”

5. Juliette Lewis

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Two years before doing Cape Fear, young Juliette Lewis macked on Wayne as his girlfriend Delores in three Season 2 episodes.

6. Ben Savage

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Fred Savage’s little brother Ben, who went on to star in Boy Meets World, played Curtis (as Cupid) in “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

7. Michael Bower

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Michael Bower AKA Donkeylips was one of Kevin’s classmates in three episodes — but his character’s name kept changing. Here he is as Joe in “Faith.”

8. Soleil Moon Frye

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Punky Brewster herself appeared as Mimi, the daughter of one of Jack’s coworkers, in “Growing Up.”

9. David Schwimmer

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Three years before Friends, David Schwimmer began his four-episode arc as Karen’s boyfriend (and eventual husband) Michael.

10. Carla Gugino

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Now known for movies like Sucker Punch and Sin City, Carla Gugino was Wayne’s girlfriend Sandy in “Triangle.”

11. Alicia Silverstone

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Cher Horowitz also attended high school with Kevin: in “Road Test,” she’s Jessica, a girl Kevin has a crush on.

12. Jim Caviezel

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Before he was Jesus, Jim Caviezel played a different deity, star basketball player Bobby Riddle in “Hero.”

13. Giovanni Ribisi

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Giovanni Ribisi actually had a significant run on The Wonder Years, playing Kevin’s friend Jeff Billings in 15 episodes.

14. Seth Green

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Seth Green showed up in two later season episodes as screw-up Jimmy Donnelly.

15. Jeremy Davies

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That’s Jeremy Davies from Lost and Justified standing behind Kevin. He was Eddie Horvath in “Sex and Economics.”

16. Eric Dane

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In “Nose,” McSteamy plays Brett Davis, captain of the football team and prom date of Hayley, a girl with a big nose.

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