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    Six Celebrities Ruined By Twitter

    How to tarnish your legacy in 140 characters or fewer.

    1. Bret Easton Ellis

    Look, the author of American Psycho was never going to earn points for sensitivity. Bret Easton Ellis still manages to shock with his casual homophobia (despite being a gay man) and lack of compassion. See also: his eye-rolling response to bullied teens.


    Who knew there was a version of Jim Carrey more insufferable than Ace Ventura? With an endless array of platitudes and bizarre emoticons, the actor has established himself as someone no sane person would want to spend time with.

    3. Cher

    Ruined? Some would say Cher's Twitter account has reinvigorated her fanbase. But it's more difficult than ever to take her seriously with the incomprehensible ramblings she spouts off.

    4. Chuck Woolery

    Barack Obama will likely be remembered for more than being the first "Celebrity Hip Hop President," while Chuck Woolery has forever besmirched our memory of him as an innocuous game show host.

    5. Scott Baio

    Like the other conservatives on this list, Scott Baio has made his views very public, because it's hard out there for a Hollywood Republican. Unfortunately for him, he's also outed himself as absurdly unpleasant -- and humorless in the face of diaper-centric trolling.

    6. Jose Canseco

    Along with Cher, Jose Canseco's online presence may be an asset, as we're more invested in his life than we have been in years. On the other hand, he continues to embarrass himself worse than with a steroid scandal, and that's equal parts impressive and sad.

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