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    15 "30 Rock" Characters That Should Return Before The Show Ends

    The series finale of 30 Rock is fast approaching. Here are 15 characters who deserve one last hurrah.

    1. Donny Lawson (Paul Scheer)


    Head page Donny Lawson enjoyed a brief rivalry with Kenneth. We're long overdue for another page-off — winner-take-all.

    2. Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks)


    Avery and Jack parted on good terms: there's no reason she couldn't show up again. Maybe she wants to comfort Jack in the wake of his mother's death.

    3. Bianca (Isabella Rossellini)


    Let's not forget Jack's other ex-wife, Bianca. She's been out of the picture for several years now — all the more reason she should reappear.

    4. Floyd DeBarber (Jason Sudeikis)


    Liz had plenty of memorable affairs throughout the years, too. Who could resist seeing Floyd again? By which I mean, Jason Sudeikis, you are precious.

    5. Wesley Snipes (Michael Sheen)


    Oh, Wesley. Liz had this delightful habit of dating guys with celebrity names. She and Wesley hated each other, but they were definitely fun to watch.

    6. Carol Burnett (Matt Damon)


    There's no way we could forget Liz's pilot boyfriend, because duh, he was Matt Damon. I'd also settle for an appearance by the actual Carol Burnett.

    7. Dr. Drew Baird (Jon Hamm)


    Worst doctor ever? Quite possibly. Hottest guest star in the history of the series? Not much of a contest. Let Jon Hamm fumble his way into our hearts once more.

    8. Gretchen Thomas (Stephanie March)


    Remember when Liz flirted with a same-sex relationship? Yeah, you do, because you love SVU and Stephanie March is the best.

    9. Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher)


    Carrie Fisher's appearance on 30 Rock was brief but memorable. Please bring Rosemary back — she's one of TV's most delightful crazy people.

    10. Simon Behrens (Josh Fadem)


    Liz's agent Simon was entirely incompetent, but damned if he wasn't trying. And so what if he has mostly animal clients.

    11. Dick Lemon (Buck Henry)


    Comedy legend Buck Henry brought a lot to his role as Liz's father. It would be fitting if he sent her off as 30 Rock comes to an end.

    12. Verna Maroney (Jan Hooks)


    And Jan Hooks! Jenna's mom was probably the show's worst parent — and that's saying something. But we had some laughs, didn't we?

    13. Sylvia Rossitano (Patti LuPone)


    Broadway legend, people. Now that Elaine Stritch's character is no more (R.I.P.!) we need another diva injection, and believe me, Patti is up to it.

    14. Milton Greene (Alan Alda)


    Is it really necessary to find out what became of Milton? Maybe not, but Alan Alda is always a welcome presence. Also, I kind of want to know how that Jimmy Carter biography did.

    15. Greta Johansen (Rachel Dratch)


    Don't go out without paying respect to Rachel Dratch, the original Jenna. She doesn't have to play Greta — Dratch has taken on several roles, so I'm fine as long as she shows up somewhere.

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