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    20 Things We Learned From The Cast Of "Parenthood"

    Find out which TV family members live together in real life, and which actor's family cries the most watching the show. We spoke to the cast of Parenthood on the red carpet at PaleyFest.

    1. Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer live together in real life.

    2. And they bonded early on.

    3. But even for newcomer Xolo Mariduena, the "Parenthood" cast was warm and welcoming.

    4. It helps that he's nothing like his character.

    5. Max Burkholder also has to step out of his comfort zone to play Max, but he loves the challenge.

    6. He's enjoyed seeing Max grow throughout the series. And really, haven't we all.

    7. There's one major similarity between Max the actor and Max the character.

    8. As challenging as Victor and Max can be, there are characters who are basically perfect. Like Joel.

    9. Sam Jaeger didn't like Joel being in the background either.

    10. Joel's childhood helped him relate to his new son.

    11. Speaking of perfect men, Jason Ritter is also bummed that Mark got shafted.

    12. And seriously, that breakup was ROUGH.

    13. Incidentally, Hank was the wrong choice. Obviously.

    14. At least Jason Ritter is rebounding with Lauren Graham's former TV daughter. And she's fine with that, really!

    15. Provided there is a next season (fingers crossed), Mae Whitman hears wedding bells.

    16. Miles Heizer imagines a slightly darker future for his character.

    17. Sam Jaeger is fine with whatever, as long as there's drama.

    18. Meanwhile, Max Burkholder is thinking even further ahead.

    19. We watch "Parenthood" to cry, but these actors turn to other shows. Like "Chopped."

    20. And when "Parenthood" does make you cry, just remember that you're not alone.