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    Posted on Jul 8, 2014

    100 "Pretty Little Liars" Characters Who Could Be "A"

    I can confirm with 99% certainty that one of these characters is definitely "A." Maybe.

    ABC Family

    Jenna Marshall

    ABC Family

    CeCe Drake

    ABC Family

    Lucas Gottesman

    1. Jenna Marshall. Um, remember when those awful girls blinded her? Yeah. I'd want revenge too.

    2. Jason DiLaurentis. He must have been the one to "kill" Alison, right? Why else would her mom have covered that up?

    3. Jessica DiLaurentis. Hello, she covered up her daughter's "death." The fact that she's dead now is of little consequence.

    4. Kenneth DiLaurentis. Alison's dad could be "A." Prove that he isn't.

    5. CeCe Drake. She's objectively evil, and has donned various "A"-like outfits over the course of the series. If she's not "A," she's at least working for "A." Probably.

    6. Melissa Hastings. Definitely the shadiest of the Hastings. And that's saying something, because all the Hastings are shady as hell.

    7. Peter Hastings. Like, for example, Spencer's dad.

    8. Paige McCullers. Literally tried to drown Emily. Literally.

    9. Lucas Gottesman. Once charming, now a total creeper. Has definitely been on the "A" team. Who's to say he isn't running the show?

    10. Wren Kingston. In addition to the fact that he can't stop hitting on high school girls, Wren always seems a little off. Is it the accent? It might be the accent.

    ABC Family

    Ezra Fitzgerald

    ABC Family

    Mona Vanderwaal

    ABC Family

    Byron Montgomery

    11. Ezra Fitzgerald. He was spying on all the girls in order to write a book? Yeah, a book about being "A." Come on.

    12. Noel Kahn. He disappears for long stretches of time and always seems more evil when he reemerges.

    13. Eric Kahn. The other Kahn. Equally handsome, so likely equally evil too.

    14. Mona Vanderwaal. She was "A" at one point, and she's definitely unbalanced. Why can't she be "A" again?

    15. Byron Montgomery. Had words with Alison. Dated a psychopath. Like attracts like. I'm just saying.

    16. Ella Montgomery. It's always the ones you least suspect.

    17. Mike Montgomery. I'm pretty sure he vandalized a car. Anyway, he's acting out. And he loves to wear black.

    18. Ashley Marin. She stole money once. So...

    19. Tom Marin. Ashley's dad had a gun. I'm not saying all gun owners are "A," but I'm not not saying that either.

    20. Isabel Marin. Tom's new wife. Has she done anything interesting? Not really, but that's just to keep you off her trail.

    21. Regina Marin. Grandma knows things.

    22. Kate Randall. Hanna's evil stepsister. She's the worst. Enough said.

    ABC Family

    Veronica Hastings

    ABC Family

    Toby Cavanaugh

    ABC Family

    Caleb Rivers

    23. Shana Fring. Death never stopped a great villain.

    24. Veronica Hastings. She may not be the shadiest, but she is perhaps the toughest member of the Hastings family. Seems like she's also the most trustworthy Hastings, but on this show, you never really know.

    25. Toby Cavanaugh. We thought he was good, then we found out he was bad, then we learned he was good. Maybe soon we'll learn he's actually bad. And then good again. But then bad!

    26. Caleb Rivers. He left the show to star on a supernatural spin-off. I can never trust him again.

    27. Jamie Doyle. Caleb's estranged dad was probably estranged because he was busy being "A." There is no likelier scenario.

    28. Sean Ackard. Hanna's other ex. You know, the one you forgot existed. How surprising would it be if he were "A"! You'd be like, Who?!

    29. Jackie Molina. Her ex dated a high school student after her. That can't be fun.

    30. Jackie. Not Ezra's ex, just a random student at Rosewood. But she is in French Club with Mona. Draw your own conclusions.

    31. Maggie Cutler. Speaking of Ezra's exes, Maggie lied about Malcolm's true parentage. You know who else lies? "A."

    32. Malcolm Cutler. That little boy has murder in his eyes.

    ABC Family

    Darren Wilden

    ABC Family

    Holden Strauss

    ABC Family

    Samara Cook

    33. Wesley Fitzgerald. He has Ezra's looks. Does he also have his dark side? Sure, why not.

    34. Dianne Fitzgerald. As far as I'm concerned, every member of that family is a suspect.

    35. Meredith Sorenson. Seriously deranged. Deranged enough to be "A"? Probably.

    36. Darren Wilden. Yeah, he's dead. But is he? (Yes.)

    37. Ian Thomas. Same.

    38. Garrett Reynolds. Same.

    39. Lyndon James. Same.

    40. Holden Strauss. Heart condition? More like "A" condition. I don't know.

    41. Alex Santiago. You probably don't remember him, but he played tennis with Spencer, so he's a suspect.

    42. Samara Cook. Dated Emily for a hot second. Also, she's blonde. Blondes on this show are almost always bad news.

    43. Zoe. Maybe into Emily, maybe not. Definitely "A."

    ABC Family

    Anne Sullivan

    ABC Family

    Dean Stavros

    ABC Family


    44. Duncan Albert. I don't remember this guy, but he's probably "A."

    45. Logan Reed. Same.

    46. Ben Coogan. Same.

    47. Anne Sullivan. Just because she wasn't a great therapist doesn't mean she can't be a great "A."

    48. Dean Stavros. Same, but replace "therapist" with "substance abuse counselor."

    49. Jesse Lindall. Same, but replace "substance abuse counselor" with "guidance counselor."

    50. Brendon McGowan. Same, but replace "guidance counselor" with "private admissions counselor."

    51. Dr. Robert Vargas. Emily's doctor seems like one of the only competent medical professionals in town, so he's probably "A."

    52. Sydney Driscoll. New character who seems overly interested in Emily. Which is totally an "A" thing to do.

    53. Jake. Aria's martial arts instructor fling. Doesn't have a last name. Why?

    54. Riley. Aria had sex with him once. What is it about her and guys without surnames?

    55. Zack. Maybe it runs in the family because Ella is engaged to this guy, who is possibly "A."

    ABC Family

    Andrew Campbell

    ABC Family

    Lt. Linda Tanner

    ABC Family

    Ted Wilson

    56. Andrew Campbell. He's very smart. Like academic decathlon smart. You know who else is smart? "A."

    57. Vice Principal Tamborelli. Never trust authority.

    58. Vice Principal Arthur Hackett. Same. Also, did he kill Vice Principal Tamborelli? We may never know.

    59. Officer Gabriel Holbrook. Same. Have you learned nothing from Detective Wilden?

    60. Lt. Linda Tanner. Like Holbrook, but way more of a hard-ass.

    61. Marion Cavanaugh. Toby's mom allegedly killed herself. Allegedly. If she's secretly alive, she's totally "A."

    62. Nigel Wright. The hottie on Jenna's arm. You can't trust anyone associated with Jenna. Don't be an idiot.

    63. Laurel Tuchman. Aria worked for this photographer, who was a little strange. Also, taking photos is classic "A" behavior.

    64. Ted Wilson. Oh, you're a pastor? Great cover, "A."

    65. Conor. This little shit hit on Aria, and then lied about hooking up with her. I hate him.

    66. Simone. Aria's former babysitter who has the hots for Ezra. No real motivation, but again, she's blonde.

    ABC Family

    Pam Fields

    ABC Family

    Beckett Frye

    ABC Family

    Harold Crane

    67. Danielle. She dated Lucas for a single episode and was never seen or heard from again. I don't trust her.

    68. Nancy Partha. No idea.

    69. Pam Fields. Do you trust Emily's mom? If so, why?

    70. Wayne Fields. Basically I feel the same way about her dad. He's barely been on the show! What is he hiding?

    71. Nick McCullers. Paige's dad is a total homophobe and a dick. Could he also be "A"? I don't see why not.

    72. Bridget Wu. Super rich girl who has only been seen once but gets mentioned often. Why? Because she's "A" and the writers want to make sure we don't forget her.

    73. Beckett Frye. Veronica's intern. With a name like that, he's almost certainly evil.

    74. Riley Wolfe. Same. Plus, she's friends with Mona.

    75. Naomi Zeigler. Her name isn't particularly damning, but she does hang out with Mona and Riley.

    76. Harold Crane. Yeah, OK, creepy innkeeper. I've seen Psycho.

    ABC Family

    Maya St. Germain

    ABC Family

    Vivian Darkbloom

    ABC Family

    Carla Grunwald

    77. Maya St. Germain. Or, like, maybe her ghost.

    78. Alice. Speaking of ghosts, this creepy little girl. Too pale to trust.

    79. Aria Montgomery. Sure, she's one of the core four, but she's done her fair share of lying.

    80. Spencer Hastings. Remember when Spencer went dark? Maybe she stayed dark. You don't know.

    81. Hanna Marin. She used to shoplift. And is back at it. Enough said.

    82. Emily Fields. Emily is probably not "A." But how crappy would it be if I included all her friends and not her?

    83. Alison DiLaurentis. She played dead for a few seasons, then returned and immediately started lying again. How could anyone actually trust this girl?

    84. Vivian Darkbloom. Alison's alter ego could also be Alison's twin. Or maybe her clone. Or maybe just Alison in a wig. Regardless, she's probably "A."

    85. Jonah. Vivian Darkbloom's informant. If I don't trust Vivian, I'm sure as hell not going to trust Jonah.

    86. Kevin. Hired Emily to be a barista and then made her work long hours so he could ogle her. This guy's a creep. And also "A."

    87. Carla Grunwald. Super strange. She saved Alison, but perhaps that was only to torment her further.

    88. Miranda Collins. Pretty sure she died on Ravenswood. I don't know. Didn't watch.

    ABC Family

    Adam Lambert

    ABC Family

    The Great Charlemagne

    ABC Family

    Stef Foster

    89. Travis Hobbs. The gas station attendant who knew too much. So far he's only used his knowledge for good — as far as we know.

    90. Hector Lime. He makes masks. "A" wears masks. Do I need to draw the line for you?

    91. Sara Harvey. Went missing the same day Alison did. That's awfully convenient.

    92. Elizabeth Mainway. Owns the healthcare company that owns Radley, which means she's been pulling the puppet strings all along.

    93. Adam Lambert. Lots of eye makeup. Never a good sign.

    94. Missy Franklin. Four-time Olympic gold medalist, one-time "A."

    95. The Great Charlemagne. NOT TODAY, MIME. NOT TODAY.

    96. Tippi the Parrot. Done. Case closed.

    97. Stef Foster. She's on another series, yes, but it's on the same network. The same network!

    98. Lena Foster. They're a team.

    99. Sara Shepard. Wrote the book series, had a cameo on the show, probably sends threatening texts to teenage girls in her free time.

    100. I. Marlene King. She's the showrunner. Which means she's running the show. Which means she knows everything. Who else does that sound like to you? Also, she uses a first initial. What is she hiding?!

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