14 Reasons Why Lad Culture Isn’t All That Bad

You probably hate us, this probably won’t change your mind about us, but just try and understand us.

1. You’d have no holiday tattoos to laugh at without us.

We’re the bees knees at making bad decisions.

2. We use the best lingo.

Tactical chunder, bantersaurus rex, cerebral lolsy, schlong . Admit it, you’re laughing inside.

3. We have the stupidest nicknames.

Radio 1 / Via youtube.com

Us lads have a strict code on name assignment. It has to be at least a tad hurtful.

4. We care about our appearance.

Lads are all about getting those fresh garms.

5. We can take a joke (it’s called banter).

Nothing is off limits when it comes to making fun of a fellow lad. All in the name of banter.

6. Nothing is embarrassing to us

Whether we get kicked out of a club or sleep in our own chunder…. YOLO!

7. We never turn down a drink.

Jagerbombs, tequila slammers, flaming sambucas. Hand it over to us and we won’t think twice about downing it. We can always initiate a tactical chunder afterwards.

8. In fact we started a cracking trend.

Neknominations took over social media for almost a month and we all have some great Australian lads to thank.

9. Everything is forgotten about the next morning.

Annoyed a fellow lad? Drank too much? Made out with someone else’s other half? Don’t worry, none of the lads will mind in the morning, but not before they remind you first.

10. But we’re not ‘thugs’.

Real lads aren’t looking for trouble, lads just want to have a good night out. No harm in that.

11. We’re hard workers.

When a lad wants something (sex mainly) then a lad will pull out all the stops to get it. Even if we have to degrade ourselves for it.

12. We actually have a very detailed point system.

A lot of time is dedicated to determining how many lad points a fellow lad should earn for sleeping with their best friend’s sister.

13. And we have feelings too.

Despite popular belief, we too want to find ‘the one’ and settle down just as much as everybody else.

14. And you don’t have to be a guy to be a lad.

The girls can be worse than the guys. They are more than welcome to hop on board the banter bus.

15. So just remember…

See, we’re not THAT bad… are we?

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