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    21 Helpful Things To Do For A Friend Who Has Cancer

    It's a scary situation, but you can help.

    1. Listen.

    2. Bring them juicy gossip.

    3. Buy them a magazine subscription.

    4. Bring them flowers.

    5. Offer to do a household chore.

    6. Give them some fancy body cream.

    7. Let them play with your Tinder.

    8. Give them a really nice lip balm.

    9. Get them a Netflix subscription.

    10. Treat them to a visit from your pet.

    11. Do their supermarket shop for them.

    12. Offer them lifts.

    13. Use the post.

    14. Treat them to a night in a spa hotel.

    15. Make them a delicious meal.

    16. Send them a big list of recommendations.

    17. Give or lend them an e-reader.

    18. Bake them something with ginger.

    19. Don't take it personally if you don't see or hear from them.

    20. Ask them what they need.

    21. Keep in mind that needs change.