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Tell Us About The Movie That Made You Want To Travel

Watches Crazy Rich Asians once...

Movies have the wonderful ability to transport you to far away places, without leaving the comfort of your chair.

But sometimes the really special films manage to move us not just figuratively, but literally around the world. So we want to know: What movie inspired you to travel, and where did you go?

Maybe you took an Eat Pray Love-inspired trip to Naples, Italy, just so you could taste that famed margherita pizza for yourself.

Perhaps Crazy Rich Asians had you hopping on the next flight to Singapore.

Or maybe you became so enchanted by the scenery in Harry Potter that you had to visit the filming locations in the United Kingdom IRL.

Tell us which movie made you want to travel and why, plus where it took you to (or where you haven’t been yet but have on your wish list), and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video! Simply comment and upload any photos below.