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    17 Things You're Doing Wrong While Traveling

    Don't beat yourself up! Master these hacks and you'll be a slightly superior traveler in no time.

    1. Pssst! Sorry to wake you, but this is important: You're doing airport naps wrong.

    Chalabala / Getty Images

    Here's how to nap right:

    2. Your method of packing for long trips? WRONG.

    Indypendenz / Getty Images

    The right way to do it:

    3. If you're still using name tags, you're doing baggage claim wrong.

    Narvikk / Getty Images

    THIS is the right way to label your suitcase:

    4. News flash: You're using airport outlets wrong as well.

    Ryanking999 / Getty Images

    No biggie though! You can do it right next time:

    5. Here's you watching movies wrong on the plane:

    Amesy / Getty Images

    "No more!" —your arms.

    There's only one right way to do it.

    (Okay maybe there are two.)

    6. Packing error: throwing your grubby shoes in with your clean clothes.

    Undefined Undefined / Getty Images

    Grab a wine bottle bag and do it right.

    7. If you think hostel dorms have no privacy, you're just doing them wrong.

    Mark (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: eggrole

    This is the correct way to stay in a dorm:

    8. Guess what? Your toiletry bag = wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Vnlit / Getty Images

    Here's how to pack your toiletries right:

    9. How to store your toothbrush wrong: leave the head resting on the hotel basin like a monster.

    romana klee (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: nauright

    Enter: the peg method, otherwise known as the RIGHT method.

    Justin Smith / Getty Images

    10. You're doing plane food all wrong.

    Pjjaruwan / Getty Images

    The right way? B. Y. O.

    The same goes for snacks too.

    11. Errrr sorry to break it to you, but ordering expensive late-night room service? Also wrong.

    Welcomia / Getty Images

    Here's the right way to snack in your hotel room:

    12. Bet you didn't know you were leaving your hotel room wrong too. Whoops!

    Mirkovuckovic / Getty Images

    Do it right by keeping a card (any card) permanently in the slot.

    13. Buying bottled water at the airport could not be more wrong.

    Raul Pacheco-Vega (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) / Via Flickr: rolexpv

    Take an empty bottle through security and get that H2O the right way:

    14. Did you know: shoving your drink bottle in the seat pocket is actually wrong?

    The right way? Fashion a holder out of the inflight mag.

    15. Want to know what else is wrong? You using your HANDS (???) to close the drapes in your hotel room.

    Evgeniy Anikeev / Getty Images

    This is the right way to fix that pesky gap:

    16. Surely you already know that leaving your headphones loose in your bag is wrong.

    Zazdravnaya / Getty Images

    But in case you didn't, this is how to carry them right:

    17. And the way you've been packing folded clothes for years? Sorry, it's just plain wrong.

    Denisfilm / Getty Images

    Rolling your clothes is the right way to go.