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    I Just Found Out About This Tequila Hotel In Mexico, So Please Excuse Me While I Book Flights

    BRB, booking flights to Mexico.

    Do you love tequila more than you probably should?

    Well, my friends, do I have news for you: At this hotel in Mexico you can sleep inside a giant tequila barrel and live out all your tequila-infused dreams.

    Welcome to Matices Hotel de Barricas. It's the hotel connected to La Cofradia, a tequila distillery located in — wait for it — Tequila, Mexico.

    It's set in a huge agave field and the grounds are just magical.

    Inside, the rooms actually look pretty cozy, too. You know, as far as barrels go.

    Even the baños are barrels of fun.

    And there's loads of tequila, of course. You can do tequila tastings, tours of the distillery, or even design your own tequila bottle.

    They also have a cave restaurant, La Taberna del Cofrade, that's 4.5 meters (15 feet) underground. Cool, huh?

    And the best part is: If you drink too much, your bed is only a short stumble away.

    Just imagine waking up with a beautiful tequila sunrise every morning.

    You can book a barrel room starting at $175 per night.

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