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    Here's Your Perfect Three-Day Itinerary For Miami, Florida

    🎵Welcome to Miami 🎵

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    Miami might be known for its expensive nightclubs and massive parties on South Beach, but it is, IMO, the perfect spot for a chill long-weekend getaway.

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    Great bars and restaurants, good weather, tons of art, beaches for miles...what more could you want? Oh yeah, how about a huge-ass airport that makes it super convenient to get to?

    Here's a guide to some of my favorite things to eat, see, and do (without a nightclub cover charge in sight). But first, a couple of tips:

    - Most of the hotels are located along the beach. I stayed with a couple of girlfriends at a ~luxury hostel~ called the Freehand. The rooms themselves are pretty basic, but it's only a block from the beach and cheaper than most of the nearby hotels. I'd stay there again.

    - To save some pennies, use the free trolley service to get around. It has routes through lots of the major areas including Miami Beach, Wynwood, and Downtown.


    Start the day right with a coffee and a pastry from Panther Coffee.

    @haylstormin15 / Via

    Best order a strong brew — you've a big day of exploring ahead! There are a few locations around Miami, so a cup of the city's best coffee will never be too far away.

    Now throw down a towel on Miami Beach. (Groundbreaking idea, I know!)

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    I mean, you could spend a whole weekend in Miami without stepping foot on the beach, but why would you want to? It's divided into sections — North, Mid, and South — and it gets trendier (and louder) the further south you go. Check out the colorful lifeguard towers dotted along the shoreline, then find yourself a nice patch of sand, go for a dip, and soak up some sunshine.

    For lunch, head to Taquiza and fill up on delicious Mexican food.


    The build-your-own tacos here are yum, but the real drawcard is the totopos. These puffy hand-torn corn chips are a little soft on the inside yet still crunchy on the outside, and best enjoyed with a side of guac (obviously). Did I mention they mill the blue corn (used to make the chips and tortillas) in-house daily?

    Walk or ride along Ocean Drive, stopping to admire the gorgeous art deco buildings.

    BuzzFeed, Lunamarina / Getty Images

    If you're able, grab a bike from your hotel (some offer free hire) or rent one from one of the many Citi bike stations along the way. There's a path almost the entire length of Ocean Drive, so you don't even have to brave the road. Stop to watch strangers playing beach volleyball on South Beach, or take yourself on a self-guided tour of Miami's Art Deco District.

    Sip on a cocktail (or two) in the courtyard at Broken Shaker.

    @cinderrrrs11 / Via

    This bar is actually onsite at the Freehand, so it's dangerously convenient if you're staying there. But it's worth making the trip even if you're not.

    Then pop next door to 27 Restaurant & Bar for dinner.

    @kaitlinkominsky / Via

    The menu here is a fusion of...everything. I'm usually skeptical of menus that have loads of different cuisines, but all the dishes I tried — from the tostones, to the falafels, to the lamb ribs — were delicious. There's a cute patio where you can dine alfresco, or you can cozy up at a table inside. It does get busy, so book in advance if you can (or have a drink at the bar upstairs while you wait).

    Finish off the night with a dance at Bodega Taqueria y Tequila.

    @jotamarinlopez / Via

    If you're wondering why there's a line out the front of this seemly laid-back taco shop, it's because there's a hidden bar out the back. You walk through the porta-potty and into a huge bar/dance floor area. Then when your feet start to hurt, you can drunkenly stuff your face with tacos before you head home. Genius.


    Fuel up with breakfast at Zak the Baker.

    @millykr / Via

    The only downside of eating here is having to actually decide what to order — everything is SO GOOD. My tip: sit down to eat something from the café menu, which includes breakfast platters, yogurt parfaits, and sandwiches, then grab a sweet treat from the cabinet to snack on later.

    Walk the colorful streets of Wynwood Art District.

    Ampueroleonardo / Getty Images, @yanetmenaa / Via

    Wynwood is famous for its street art, and it doesn't take long to see why. The Wynwood Walls complex displays works from local and international artists, and it's free to enter! Be sure to check out the amazing graffiti art on the surrounding buildings too.

    Stop for lunch at the trendy market hall, 1-800 Lucky.

    @pizzaourheart / Via, Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    It'd be a shame not to make the most of Miami's balmy weather, so try to find a seat outside in the sunny courtyard. Order your food inside from the different stalls offering pan-asian dishes such as ramen, poke, and sushi.

    Get some sweet treats — and let's be honest, sweet Instagram content — at Cielito Artisan Pops.

    @topchicagoeats / Via

    You might think these photogenic popsicles look too pretty to eat, but you would be very, very wrong. There's no denying this place is an Instagram thirst trap, but thankfully it'll satisfy your tastebuds as well as your eyeballs. Choose from classic fruit or ice cream pops, enjoyed as is or dressed up to the extreme.

    Go for a wander around Miami Design District.

    Louise Khong

    It's no huge surprise that the Design District is filled with, well, designer stores. Even if you can't afford to buy anything (me), it's a cool area to stroll around, and there are plenty of art displays, galleries, and museums to check out.

    Head for an early dinner at KYU to take advantage of happy hour.

    @theyumyumfoodie / Via

    After a big day of walking around you deserve a drink. Between 4:20pm and 6:30pm, you can load up on drink and snack specials in the bar or lounge. The happy hour menu is limited but often includes substantial bites such as fried chicken and roasted cauliflower, plus beer, wine, and specialty cocktails.

    Close out the night at Lagniappe with some wine and cheese.

    @miamibucketlist / Via, @flourishandspice / Via

    The set up here is simple — order your wine from the bar, build your own cheese board from the fridge, pull up a pew in the huge courtyard or cozy indoor space, then unwind while listening to live music. It's everything a wine bar should be: relaxed, unpretentious, and full of cheese.


    Explore the streets of Little Havana.

    Prayitno (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: prayitnophotography, Phillip Pessar (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: southbeachcars

    There's plenty to see and do in Little Havana, but just walking along the main drag, Calle Ocho, and soaking in the Cuban culture is an activity in itself. Among the locals playing dominos and drinking cortados, Cuban cigar shops, and venues blasting Latin music, it really does feel as though you're walking the streets of Havana.

    For lunch, head to Sanguich De Miami and wrap your gob around a Cuban sandwich.

    @andymiami / Via

    This small 25-seater café serves up one of the best Cuban sandwiches in town. Order the classic El Cubano, made with spiced ham, shredded pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on a Cuban roll. You can thank me later.

    Learn to salsa at Ball & Chain.

    @mrsandmrjudish / Via

    This live music venue is where locals come to dance. Order yourself a mojito, nab a booth with a good vantage point, and sit back and watch the dance floor come alive. Or, get up and join in!

    Pop next door to Azucar and treat yourself to some homemade ice cream.

    @miamifoodiegirl / Via, @xanvl / Via

    Good news — it's time for your afternoon sugar hit! Azucar specializes in Cuban flavors, so you can't go past the café con leche with added chunks of Oreo, or their signature Abuela Maria, which is made up of vanilla ice cream, cream cheese, guava, and galletas. You've definitely earned a double scoop after all that dancing.

    Treat yourself to an ember-roasted oyster at the aptly-named restaurant, Arson.

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    Whet your appetite before dinner with these delicious lil' morsels. The oysters are warmed ever so slightly in the oven, then seared table-side with a glowing hot piece of coal. You'll feel fancy AF.

    Enjoy a last supper at Fooq's.

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    End your trip on a high note with a feast at this Downtown restaurant. The menu here is Persian-inspired and designed to be shared, though if you decide to rebel and order a burger to devour on your own, I certainly won't judge you.

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