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    17 Desserts You Can Actually Eat For Dinner

    No judgement.

    1. Black bean and avocado brownies

    Courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen / Via

    Black beans and avocado? It's basically a burrito! Recipe here.

    2. Blueberry and zucchini cake

    Courtesy of I Am Baker / Via

    You could put blueberry and zucchini in a salad if you wanted to, so really what's the difference? Recipe here.

    3. Chocolate avocado mousse

    Courtesy of Naturally Loriel / Via

    Mousse is just an airier version of soup, when you think reeeaally hard about it. Recipe here.

    4. Jerusalem artichoke cake

    Courtesy of Veggie Desserts / Via

    Essentially just an oven-baked artichoke. Mmmm mmmm. Recipe here.

    5. Pumpkin pie

    Courtesy of Teresa Cuter – The Healthy Chef / Via

    Nobody can argue with this one. Recipe here.

    6. Zucchini and lemon waffles

    Courtesy of 10th Kitchen / / Via

    A waffle iron kind of resembles a jaffle maker, if that helps. Recipe here.

    7. Sweet potato brownies

    Courtesy of The Healthy Foodie / Via

    Made from potato and baked, aka a baked potato. Recipe here.

    8. Beetroot red velvet whoopie cakes

    Courtesy of Nutritionist In The Kitch / Via

    No different to a classic Aussie burger with beetroot. Recipe here.

    9. Maple pumpkin parfaits

    Courtesy of Oh My Veggies / Via

    Just like pumpkin soup, only crunchy. Recipe here.

    10. Cauliflower cake

    Courtesy of Veggie Desserts / Via

    If you can eat cauliflower pizza, you can eat cauliflower cake. Right? Recipe here.

    11. Eggplant tarte tatin

    Courtesy of Buttered Up / Via

    No one can judge you for eating this tart that even looks like an acceptable dinner. Sorta. Recipe here.

    12. Chickpea blondies

    Courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen / Via

    The same as eating a baked falafel IMO. Recipe here.

    13. Spiced parsnip cake

    Courtesy of Green Kitchen Stories / Via

    How is this different to a parsnip gratin, really? Recipe here.

    14. Sweet potato doughnuts

    Courtesy of Pinch of Yum / Via

    Last time I checked sweet potato was still a vegetable, so... Recipe here.

    15. Zucchini coconut cookies

    Courtesy of Two Peas and Their Pod / Via

    These bear a striking resemblance to zucchini fritters if you ask me. Recipe here.

    16. Pumpkin crumb muffins

    Courtesy of Carrian at Oh, Sweet Basil / Via

    Pfft, muffins are just fancy dinner rolls. Recipe here.

    17. Carrot cake

    Courtesy of Love & Lemons / Via

    "No dessert until you finish your veggies!" Oh, if I must. Recipe here.