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    17 Desserts You Can Actually Eat For Dinner

    No judgement.

    1. Black bean and avocado brownies

    2. Blueberry and zucchini cake

    3. Chocolate avocado mousse

    4. Jerusalem artichoke cake

    5. Pumpkin pie

    6. Zucchini and lemon waffles

    7. Sweet potato brownies

    8. Beetroot red velvet whoopie cakes

    9. Maple pumpkin parfaits

    10. Cauliflower cake

    11. Eggplant tarte tatin

    12. Chickpea blondies

    13. Spiced parsnip cake

    14. Sweet potato doughnuts

    15. Zucchini coconut cookies

    16. Pumpkin crumb muffins

    17. Carrot cake