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    There’s A Dog-Friendly Movie Theater In Texas That Serves Unlimited Wine, And It's Exactly What The World Needs

    Puppies and bottomless wine, people.

    If you like movies and being in the company of dogs, then boy oh boy, do I have some good news for you. There's a cinema in Texas that lets — nay, WANTS — you to bring your dog to the movies.

    Nebraska Humane Society / Via

    This is K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas. It's the first dog-friendly cinema in the world, according to owner Eric Lankford (and his Australian Eskimo, Bear).

    It opened as a pop-up in late 2018, but it was such a hit (for obvious reasons) that it moved to a permanent location after just two months.

    The space has 30 human seats plus plenty of room for dogs.

    A movie ticket costs $15 for one person and up to two pooches. And oh yeah, the price includes unlimited wine!

    I repeat: UNLIMITED. WINE. What a deal.


    If wine isn't your thing, you can drink whiskey instead (but it's capped at four glasses).

    They also have plenty of human and dog snacks available for purchase, if you behave.

    Michaela S. / Via

    The movies aren't announced until the night of the screening, but you can usually expect a dog-related or family-friendly film.

    There are a couple of simple ground rules: Owners must provide a copy of their dog's medical records, clean up after them, and keep them on a leash (except in designated areas).

    It's a great activity for dog owners in Texas, but technically you don't even need to BYOD (bring your own dog). Dog-less dog lovers, rejoice!

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