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21 Quirky Museums In The US That You Probably Didn't Realize Were A Thing

An entire museum dedicated to potatoes? Yes please.

1. National Videogame Museum β€” Frisco, Texas

2. Star Trek Original Series Set Tour β€” Ticonderoga, New York

3. SPAM Museum β€” Austin, Minnesota

4. Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum β€” Elkhart, Indiana

5. National Mustard Museum β€” Middleton, Wisconsin

6. Neon Museum β€” Las Vegas, Nevada

7. Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia β€” Burlingame, California

8. National Museum of Mathematics β€” New York City, New York


I'm no mathematician, but I'd say brainteasers + puzzles + interactive exhibits = a pretty cool museum. Who knew maths could actually be fun?

Cost for one adult: $18 (if purchased online)

9. Idaho Potato Museum β€” Blackfoot, Idaho

10. The Strong National Museum of Play β€” Rochester, New York

11. The JELL-O Gallery Museum β€” Le Roy, New York

12. St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum β€” St. Augustine, Florida

13. Tabasco Museum β€” Avery Island, Louisiana

14. International UFO Museum And Research Center β€” Roswell, New Mexico

15. New England Maple Museum β€” Pittsford, Vermont

16. Computer History Museum β€” Mountain View, California

17. International Spy Museum β€” Washington D.C.

18. OZ Museum β€” Wamego, Kansas

19. Dr Pepper Museum β€” Waco, Texas

20. National Museum of Funeral History β€” Houston, Texas

21. The Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum β€” Gatlinburg, Tennessee