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    10 Must-Eat Asian Dishes In Flushing, Queens, New York City

    Also highly recommended: elastic-waist pants.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    Home to the second largest Chinatown in New York City, Flushing, Queens, is a melting pot — or should I say, hot pot — of authentic Asian foods.

    Many of the best restaurants are tiny, unassuming, and easy to miss if you're visiting for the first time. So we asked food-obsessed NYC resident (and BuzzFeed Video producer) Inga Lam to show us where to get her favorite dishes around Flushing.

    1. Steam Rice Roll (Cheung Fun) — Joe's Steam Rice Roll

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A Cantonese dish consisting of a thin, flat rice noodle filled with ingredients like shrimp, egg, or vegetables. It's served with hoisin and peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chili oil on the side. What's special here is the noodle: it's made in-house from rice soaked overnight, then ground up in a stone grinder and formed into a runny batter. It's fall-apart-in-your-mouth delicate.

    What it costs: $4 and up

    Where to go: 136–21 Roosevelt Avenue #A1, Flushing

    2. Bingsoo — Cafe Auburndale

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: Korean shaved ice loaded up with your choice of toppings (think strawberries, mango, or Oreos) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The one here has a fluffy, cloud-like texture, and is super creamy thanks to the fact it's made with real (not powdered!) milk. It may look like a giant ice cream sundae, but it's surprisingly not too sweet.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 192–10 Northern Boulevard, Flushing

    3. Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) — Shanghai You Garden

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A steamed dumpling with pork meat and a savoury soup inside, served with black vinegar for dipping. Pro eating tip: Take a small bite of the dumpling skin so you can suck out the soup before dipping it in the vinegar. It'll save you from spilling that precious soup — and burning your tongue.

    What it costs: $6.50 for six

    Where to go: 135–33 40 Road, Flushing

    4. Soy Bean Curd — Soy Bean Chen Flower Shop

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A custard-like tofu dessert with a slightly sweet ginger syrup. It's freshly made at this part-flower, part-dessert shop. The texture is really delicate and silky, and it has a very mild taste. Or if you ask Inga, "It tastes like home!"

    What it costs: $3.50 for a large (pictured)

    Where to go: 135–26 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing

    5. Brown Sugar Boba — Tiger Sugar

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: Brown sugar boba (chewy tapioca balls) with milk and cream mousse, served hot or cold. We had cold. The consistency of the boba was great; not too soft and not too hard. You can find boba everywhere, but this popular Taiwanese chain opened in NYC a few months ago and has been jammed ever since, so get there early or prepare to wait (the staff even hand out umbrellas if it's sunny or rainy). A line means it's gotta be good, right?

    What it costs: $5.50

    Where to go: 40–10 #A, Main Street, Flushing

    6. Taiwanese Shaved Ice — Crystal Ice

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    What it is: Taiwanese shaved ice with brown sugar syrup and toppings of your choice. We went for boiled peanuts, boba, taro pearls, yam pearls, and condensed milk. The contrasting textures make this interesting and fun to eat. It's definitely on the sugary side, so if you have a sweet tooth, this one's for you.

    What it costs: $6

    Where to go: 136–21 Roosevelt Avenue #A5, Flushing

    7. Peking Duck Bun — Corner 28

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A slice of crispy-skin roast duck with scallions and sweet hoisin sauce, enveloped in a soft bao-like bun. Order it after 11 a.m. from the counter way down the back. Hell, order a few. At just over $1, it's unbeatable value.

    What it costs: $1.25

    Where to go: 135–24 40 Road, Flushing

    8. Hong Kong Bubble Waffle — Kulu Desserts

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A warm rose bubble waffle wrapped around strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries and mango, granola, maple syrup and whipped cream. The rose flavor and sweetness isn't overpowering, which is good because this bad boy is sizable!

    What it costs: $9.95

    Where to go: 37–06 Prince Street, Flushing

    9. Potted Tea — Prince Tea House


    What it is: Your choice of tea (brewed with or without milk) served "potted," aka topped with a layer of milk foam, Oreo crumbs (the dirt!), and garnished with mint. This drink trend started in Asia, and while the tea is nice, it's more of an aesthetic thing than anything else. But hey, you eat with your eyes too.

    What it costs: $4.75

    Where to go: 36–39 Prince Street, Flushing

    10. Korean Fried Chicken — Mad For Chicken

    Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

    What it is: Crispy fried chicken wings and drumsticks coated in garlic soy or chili garlic soy sauce. Both were damn good. But honestly when is fried chicken not? It comes served with a side of pickled daikon radish to cleanse your palate — and to help you convince yourself the addition of a vegetable makes it a nutritious meal.

    What it costs: $22.95 for a large (pictured)

    Where to go: 157–18 Northern Boulevard, Flushing

    I know, I know, we missed so many other great things to eat in Flushing. Tell us about your favorite dishes in the comments!

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