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25 Amazing Gay Bars Around The World To Visit Before You Die

Celebrate all the way from Tulsa to Tokyo.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best gay bar they've ever been to. Here are some of their faves.


1. Mad Myrna’s — Anchorage, Alaska

2. The Chapel at The Abbey — Los Angeles, California

3. Urban MO’s Bar & Grill — San Diego, California

4. Lone Star Saloon — San Francisco, California

5. Wang Chung's — Honolulu, Hawai'i

6. Roscoe's Tavern — Chicago, Illinois

7. The Back Door — Bloomington, Indiana

8. Café Lafitte in Exile — New Orleans, Louisiana

9. Jacques Cabaret — Boston, Massachusetts

10. Gigi's Cabaret — Detroit, Michigan

11. Gay 90's — Minneapolis, Minnesota

12. The Omaha Mining Company — Omaha, Nebraska

13. The Stonewall Inn — New York City, New York

14. YBR — Tulsa, Oklahoma

15. Crush — Portland, Oregon

16. Blue Moon — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

17. The Dark Lady — Providence, Rhode Island

18. Pony — Seattle, Washington

19. Trade — Washington, DC

20. Delta Beer Lab — Madison, Wisconsin


21. Mary's Poppin — Adelaide, Australia

22. Halfway to Heaven — London, England

I have always adored Halfway to Heaven near Trafalgar Square. There's a chilled bar upstairs, but as you descend into the basement bar the place is always fucking riotous! Drag shows, cheesy pop tunes, Skittle bomb shots all round, and the loveliest people.


23. Trúnó — Reykjavik, Iceland

Trúnó Café and Bar is one of my favorites in the world!! Really!! Not only is the staff super friendly, their cocktails are delicious, their glitter coffee tastes fabulous, and you can snuggle up in a corner to read queer literature. Plus their hangover Sunday parties are legendary!


24. Club NYX — Amsterdam, Netherlands

25. Kremlin — Belfast, Northern Ireland

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.


A bar with an anti-trans accusation has been removed from this list.

Did we miss your favorite gay bar? Tell us in the comments!