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23 Loved Up Films To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re married, coupled up, at the in-between stage or even single - whatever your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, here are some lovey dovey films to watch on the box if you’re planning a cosy night in.

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1. P.S. I Love You

2. Crazy Stupid Love

3. Pretty Woman / Via

**Valentine’s Day Bonus - Pretty Woman is on BBC ONE at 10.45pm.**

4. It Takes Two

5. When Harry Met Sally...

6. The Notebook

7. Amelie

8. Love Vertigo – Vertiges de l’amour


**Valentine’s Day Bonus - Love Vertigo is on Eurocinema on SKY 212 at 9pm. Repeated at 1am.**

9. Romeo and Juliet

10. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

11. Remember Me

12. Maid in Manhattan

13. Titanic

14. Shakespeare in Love / Via

15. Ghost / Via

**Valentine’s Day Bonus - Ghost is on Film 4 at 10.50pm.**

16. Moulin Rouge

17. A Night in Versailles – Versailles Rive-Gauche


**Valentine’s Day Bonus - A Night in Versailles is on Eurocinema on SKY 212 at 11pm.**

18. Endless Love

19. Casablanca

20. The Great Gatsby

21. Brokeback Mountain

22. Strictly Ballroom

23. Fifty Shades of Grey / Via

**Valentine’s Day Bonus - the sequel Fifty Days Darker is showing at cinemas if you decide to venture out...**

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