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Tell Us How You'd "Spend A Day With" A Fake Boyfriend And We'll Reveal Your Love Language

Twenty-four hours is all it takes to know what kind of love you love.

Make sure you check out My Fake Boyfriend, the adorable rom-com from BuzzFeed Studios starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Sarah Hyland, and Dylan Sprouse! It's streaming on Prime Video on June 17 in the US. Outside the US? You might get a sneak preview — go here to see if it's already out where you live!

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Sign up for Prime Video now so you can check out My Fake Boyfriend as soon as it's out! Here's when you can watch:

Latin America and Brazil: June 10

Australia and New Zealand: June 10

Canada and United Kingdom: June 10

United States: June 17

Anywhere else with Prime Video: June 24