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    28 Mother's Day Gifts That'll Encourage Your Mum To Practise Self Care

    Tell mum 'treat yourself' without telling mum 'treat yourself'.

    1. This stainless steel tongue scraper because doing health-promoting activities is a core part of self care.

    2. This anti-pollution serum designed to protect mum's skin.

    3. This Love Thy Skin protect and prime trio by Napoleon Perdis that'll provide mum with the ultimate luxe treatment for her skin.

    4. This gorgeous matching loungewear set, that will encourage Mum to slow down, pop her feet up and relax (stylishly) at home.

    5. This customisable gift cube by Koko Black that you can fill with all of mum's favourite choccies, because what better way is there to treat yourself than to indulge in actual treats.

    6. This back and neck massager that's perfect in this day and age of avoiding close human contact.

    7. This marbled, pure silk eye mask that will help mum get a better night of sleep.

    8. This organic calming tea that's hand-blended by a naturopath.

    9. This 52 week mindfulness journal to cultivate peace and positivity.

    10. This foam roller, which is the perfect tool to help relax sore or tired muscles.

    11. This retro plant mister that was pretty much made for mums who garden for relaxation.

    12. This jar of magnesium bath salts that's basically relaxation in a bottle.

    13. This diffuser that'll help mum enjoy her favourite aromatherapy oils.

    14. And this stress-relieving essential oil blend that's just waiting to meet an aromatherapy diffuser.

    15. This tattoo butter to keep mum's ink looking its best.

    16. This manual coffee grinder to make morning coffees that much more decadent.

    17. This rose quartz facial roller and gua sha duo designed for relaxing facial massages everyday.

    18. This health-practitioner assembled snack box that makes snacking an act of self-care.

    19. This reusable makeup remover set that will elevate mum's evening ritual.

    20. This mesmerising all-in-one tea set that will elevate tea time.

    21. This beautifully illustrated book of Japanese wisdom on how to live well.

    22. This all-natural pink clay mask that makes any day spa day.

    23. This pair of fluffy slippers that will make padding around the house feel like walking on air.

    24. This ceramic lotus incense holder that will help create a relaxing environment.

    25. This striking crystal water bottle that will literally infuse water with energy.

    26. This fitness tracker that will help motivate mum to get outdoors.

    27. This salon quality cuticle oil for healthy nails and, of course, cuticles.

    28. And finally, this air purifier to ensure mum's lungs only get the best.

    Consider mum told it's time to treat herself.