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    This Aussie Activewear Brand Just Launched A Luxe New Range And We're Obsessed

    Plus, we have a cheeky first-order discount code just for you!

    If you've forgotten what life not lived in activewear is like, let me just say: Same.

    And when the activewear looks and feels as good as the KG LUXE range, honestly why would we ever want to wear anything else?

    The range's ~trés fashion~ bike shorts, crop tops and leggings are made with a buttery soft fabric that fits like a second skin.

    They come in five choice colours that perfectly strike the balance between on-trend and timeless.

    The best part? You can grab an extra 10% off with the code NEW10.

    The only question remaining is which of these beauties you'll be adding to cart?

    The range varies from between $50 AUD / $38 USD, to $89 AUD / $68 USD. So definitely worth grabbing a few new wardrobe staples to see you through the season.