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    28 Fail-Safe Christmas Gifts For Fathers

    Pressies that will have dad positively chuffed.

    1. This set of three supremely elegant bias-cut wine glasses for the wine-loving dad.

    2. This set of four premium crystal beer glasses that's perfect for the dad who loves all beers equally.

    3. This subscription to Australia's top-rated meal delivery service, Chefgood.

    4. This cordless Kitchen Aid chopper that will save foodie dads precious time in the kitchen.

    5. This waterproof Kindle for the dad who loves to read.

    6. This waterless, deep massaging foot spa to relieve sore feet.

    7. This portable padded knee rest if you know your old man's knees are getting a bit knobbly and it hurts for them to bear too much weight on a hard surface.

    8. This magnesium salt sports soak because dad deserves relaxed muscles.

    9. This compact espresso machine by Breville that will seriously improve dad's mornings.

    A kitchen countertop with a Breville espresso machine and two cups of coffee and two espresso shots alongside a jar of coffee beans and two glasses of milk.

    10. This pair of training shoes to replace dad's well-worn gym shoes.

    11. This smart sprinkler system by Netro that's perfect if dad's garden is his pride and joy (apart from you, of course).

    12. This fourth-gen Echo Dot that will give dad the personal assistant he needs to help organise his busy days.

    13. This insulated beer cooler that doesn't play favourites between cans and bottles — and will ensure dad never has to contend with warm beer ever again.

    14. This solid wood organiser that will keep dad's essentials in one sleek and functional spot.

    15. This Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch that enables dad to track all of his varied outdoorsy interests and keep tabs on his health.

    16. This beard shampoo bar that is the secret to a pristine beard.

    17. And, this beard grooming kit that has every tool dad could ever need to keep his beard soft, full and well-maintained.

    18. Or, this German designed electric shaver and trimmer by Braun that makes it easier for dad to groom his facial hair.

    19. This shark repellant band if your father spends a lot of time in the ocean and you want to let him know you'd much prefer it if he didn't become a shark's daytime snack.

    20. This premium 11-piece stainless steel cocktail shaker kit that's just perfect for dads who love a multi-ingredient tipple.

    21. This Oculus Quest 2 VR headset if dad still loves his video games.

    22. This wearable blanket by The Comfy that will unlock a whole new level of comfort for dad.

    23. Or, this plush, velour finish terry cloth bathrobe that will swaddle dad in everyday luxury.

    24. This Philips air purifier so that your dad breathes nothing but the cleanest air.

    25. This slim Bellroy wallet if dad's been rocking the bulky back pocket look for way too long.

    26. Or, this leather phone case that doubles as a wallet if dad prefers to keep everything in one place.

    27. This 16-in-1 multitool that could come in handy at absolutely any moment.

    28. And finally, this flask set emblazoned with 'World's Best Dad' lest there be any confusion about what you really think about your father.