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    This Bunnings Is Dishing Out Baked Potatoes Instead Of Snags And Here's Everything Else We Think Should Be On Offer

    Are you a traditionalist or ready for a brave new menu?

    In a chaotic but not unwelcome move, a Redditor has spotted a Bunnings in Melbourne dishing out baked potatoes instead of the tried and true sausage sizzle.

    A Bunnings parking lot with a portable yellow pergola stand that is emblazoned with 'BAKED POTATOES'.
    Reddit: u/TuteOnSon / Via

    Although some users have decried this snag-free stand as a travesty, personally, I think we might be on the precipice of a brave new world — one where rocking up to a Bunnings on a lazy Saturday could involve anything from a sausage sizzle to a baked potato, to a potato scallop and beyond.

    Sex Education / Netflix

    So with that culinary ingenuity in mind, here's what I'm thinking Bunnings could get behind:

    Add it to the menu, or maybe there could be some kind of a rotation system. 

    1. Meat pies

    BuzzFeed / Sohan Judge

    They're iconic, they're delicious and they're just made for holding in one hand while getting lost in the nursery picking out a new housemate. They're also perfect for finessing your preferred pie-eating method

    2. Potato scallops — or potato cakes or fritters, depending on which state you hail from

    Flickr: Leonard J Matthews / Via Flickr: mythoto

    Just imagine biting into that hot, crispy-yet-soft, aromatic, unbeatable spud. YUM.

    3. Hot chips and gravy

    Flickr: Abi Skipp / Via Flickr: 9557815@N05

    I'm also open to hot chips loaded up with whatever the good samaritans running the stall deem to be a worthy topping.

    4. Or honestly, just some mash in a cup

    Flickr: David Kessler / Via Flickr: plasticrevolver

    No one come for me.

    5. Jaffles

    Flickr: evilhayama / Via Flickr: evilhayama

    Take the components of a sausage sizzle: white bread and a filling. Bung it in a jaffle press — and suddenly you've made Midas jealous. 

    6. Burgers

    Flickr: atomly / Via Flickr: atomly

    Another item that replicates all the core elements of a sausage sizzle — and offers limitless interpretations.

    7. Corn on the cob

    Flickr: rachaelvoorhees / Via Flickr: rachaelvoorhees

    Cobs of corn are an unsung hero of the BBQ — and I reckon Bunnings is the perfect place to give them the respect they deserve.

    8. Or hot, buttery corn in a cup

    Flickr: Katherine Tsang / Via Flickr: 117908938@N03

    It's debatable whether corn is better when you have to work for it (by biting it off a cob) or when all the hard work has been done for you and it's there, cob-free in a cup — only requiring you to scoop it up into your gob. 

    9. Corn dogs — aka dagwood dogs or pluto pups

    Flickr: Luis Tamayo / Via Flickr: chasqui

    This beauty by any other name would still taste absolutely legendary.

    10. Roast chooks

    A roast chicken on a plate
    Flickr: Fiona Henderson / Via Flickr: fifikins

    Yes, it'd be a logistical nightmare eating an entire chicken while perusing the paint samples — but just imagine getting a mouthful of some hot, buttery stuffing.

    11. Satay sticks

    @nitanggraeni / Unsplash / Via

    Whether it's chicken skewers or grilled tofu, if this was an option I'd take 10, please and thank you.

    12. Zooper Doopers


    Think about it: What would you rather enjoy on a boiling hot day? A snag or an ice cold Zooper Dooper?

    13. Splices


    A Splice in hand will make choosing between endless variations of items just that little bit more bearable.

    14. Pretty much any iconic Australian ice cream

    Flickr: Lachlan Hardy / Via Flickr: lachlanhardy, Flickr: David Jackmanson / Via Flickr: djackmanson

    Yes, I'm including scoops of gelato in this. 

    15. Hot cinnamon donuts

    @johnophoto / Unsplash / Via

    I'm not unconvinced that Bunnings could be *the* new brunch spot — especially if hot cinnamon donuts and a cup of coffee were on offer.

    16. Lamingtons

    Flickr: fugzu / Via Flickr: 70253321@N00

    Perfect for those snacky moments when you're between meals, but have a lot of home DIY needs to shop for.

    17. Finger buns

    Flickr: Helen K / Via Flickr: helenk

    Frankly, I'm shocked these aren't commonplace at a snag stand. They're the sweet version of a hot dog, no?

    18. Sugarcane juice

    Flickr: ER and Jenny / Via Flickr: rikajenzhomekitchen

    There's nothing like the sweet, sweet liquid gold that is freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. 

    19. Watermelon juice

    Flickr: Prem Sichanugrist / Via Flickr: sikachu

    Tell me you wouldn't want to be guzzling down one of these on a hot summer's day.

    20. Honestly, any kind of fresh juice

    Flickr: Teresa Qin / Via Flickr: teresaqin

    You just know your Bunnings run is going to be a good one if there's freshly squeezed juice on offer.

    21. And lastly, takeaway cases of VB or XXXX — or really any homegrown beer

    Flickr: Terrazzo / Via Flickr: terrazzo

    Just try and tell me a trip to Bunnings wouldn't be more successful if you could also nab a cold one on your way out to crack open once you got home.

    In short, I'd like to petition Bunnings to consider instituting canteens at each and every store entrance.

    Kim's Convenience / CBC

    But seriously, why is anyone mad about a baked potato or two?

    Let us know what you'd want to see at your local Bunnings stall in the comments below!