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    18 Times ScoMo Enraged Australians Over The Past Year With His Truly Dumb-Ass Comments

    Struggling with rent? Scott Morrison: jUsT BuY a hOusE.

    Regardless of what you think about the Australian government's policies, there's no denying that our prime minister, Scott Morrison, hasn't exactly helped Australia's image on the world stage...or at home, either.

    And with the 2022 federal election on the cards, we thought we'd look back at 18 incidents — which happened in the past year alone — where Morrison really left a lot to be desired.

    Let's take a trip down memory lane...

    1. When Morrison told renters to buy a house as a form of rent relief.

    In response to a question about why the budget didn't include anything on rent relief, Morrison gave this woefully out-of-touch response:

    “This is about Australians getting into homes. The best way to support people renting a house is to help them buy a house."

    Ever-increasing cost of living prices alongside stagnant wages and rising inflation makes meeting rent challenging enough as it is. Saving for a deposit and buying a house simply isn't the casual jaunt Morrison seems to think it is.

    Rent relief, yeah nah - just buy yoself a house. 🤨 #auspol

    Twitter: @DrDemography
    Twitter: @HannahD15

    The Prime Minister just doesn't get it. He may be able to just "buy a house" but owning a home is out of the reach of millions of Australians and insensitive comments like this don't help. #auspol #mackellarvotes

    Twitter: @SophieScamps

    2. When he had absolutely no idea how much a loaf of bread, a litre of milk, or a rapid antigen test costs.

    Genuinely understanding the cost of living pressures faced by everyday Aussies just doesn't seem very high on the prime minister's ~list of things to concern himself with~.

    "I'm not going to pretend to you that I go out each day and I buy a loaf of bread and I buy a litre of milk. I'm not going to pretend to you that I do that." - Scott Morrison when asked if he knew the price of a loaf of bread, litre of milk and a RAT

    Twitter: @kishor_nr

    Scott Morrison explains price of bread thingo“For the record, it depends which type of bread. I mean, how many different types of bread have people got at their homes these days? Milk? I mean, not all kinds of milk come from a cow anymore via @newscomauHQ

    Twitter: @samanthamaiden

    3. When Morrison responded to the media about Grace Tame's (rightfully) icy greeting of him and dismissed it as a symptom of her "terrible life".

    “Respect is earned” - Grace Tame Grace @TamePunk is the only person in this photo who lives her life with honesty, integrity & empathy Grace’s courage -to speak truth to power & to call out abuse of power has earned her the enduring respect & trust of a nation. ❤️ #auspol

    Twitter: @juliahbanks

    In his first interview since the photos went viral, Morrison said: "Look, Grace is a passionate person who’s raised important issues. She’s had a terrible life, terrible things happened to her. It’s just awful."

    These comments not only dismissed Tame as nothing but a "tragic" person but also continued to overlook the federal government's lacklustre response to allegations of sexual assault and toxic workplace culture in parliament — something that Tame has been strongly outspoken against during her time as Australian of the Year.

    Scott saying "she's had a terrible life" is the most condescending, ignorant & utterly disempowering comment to make about @TamePunk . Grace's whole message is that as survivors, we are not defined by our experiences of sexual violence. #LetHerSpeak

    Twitter: @ninafunnell

    4. And let's not forget, following Tame's powerful Australian of the Year speech in 2021 — about being groomed and surviving sexual assault — ScoMo responded with the shockingly tone-deaf comment, "I bet it felt good to get that out."

    Tame revealed what Morrison said to her in the immediate aftermath of her speech on an episode of The Betoota Advocate podcast. 

    "Do you know what he said to me, right after I finished that speech and we’re in front of a wall of media? I shit you not, he leaned over, and right in my ear he goes, ‘Well, gee, I bet it felt good to get that out.'"

    @AmyRemeikis @PatsKarvelas “To get that out” is a form of gaslighting. The implication that follows is “ok then, now you’re good to roll Grace, no need to repeat the story, just get on with your life girl”. Completely lacks empathy or any critical understanding of her lived experience.

    Twitter: @PaulaSc26378043

    What an extraordinary woman. A survivor. A heroic advocate. Never heard an Australian Of The Year deliver an acceptance speech as raw, as emotive as heartbreakingly powerful as Grace Tame.

    Twitter: @georgiedent

    5. When he forged on with his travel plans despite being a casual COVID-19 contact.

    6. When he leaked private communications between himself and French President Emmanuel Macron — possibly in retaliation.

    You know things are dire when the leader of another country — an ally, no less — publicly labels you a liar.

    Macron openly called Morrison a liar on the international stage at the G20. And so naturally, our prime minister decided that the only thing he could do to preserve Australia's international standing and integrity was to leak private text messages.

    I ask French President Emmanuel Macron whether Scott Morrison lied to him: “I don’t think, I know.”

    Twitter: @BevanShields
    Twitter: @cameronwilson

    Scott Morrison accused of leaking private texts between himself and @EmmanuelMacron in retaliation for being called a liar.

    Twitter: @samanthamaiden

    7. When, at the same G20 conference, he flexed his diplomacy skills.

    He also opted to go mask-free, while his fellow attendees can all be seen wearing them.

    Scott no friends. (and no climate policy either). #auspol @AustralianLabor

    Twitter: @PatrickGormanMP

    8. When the president of the United States, Joe Biden, forgot Morrison's name — inadvertently broadcasting perhaps just how little regard he had for our PM.

    To be fair, this was humiliating for all parties involved.

    US President Joe Biden appeared to forget the Australian prime minister's name during a virtual meeting Instead he referred to Scott Morrison as "'that fellow down under"

    Twitter: @BBCWorld

    @AndrewPStreet I think the problem wasn’t that Biden forgot Scomo’s name. He got stuck because he was trying to find a replacement for the word “dickhead” and it took a moment to come up with “bloke.”

    Twitter: @chrismagilton

    Surely “That fella Down Under” is the equivalent of running into someone in the pub whose name you can’t remember and can only come up with “Maate”.

    Twitter: @kirstinferguson

    9. When, in the middle of a nationwide lockdown, he decided there was one set of rules for everyday Aussies, but another for him.

    Does it surprise anyone that he got himself an exemption to travel interstate via taxpayer-funded jet on Father's Day to visit family without quarantining?

    "My dad lives two LGAs and 9km away. I wasn't able to see him. This Morrison clown travels 350km. Seriously, what is wrong with him?"


    10. And then when he attempted to conceal said Father's Day trip on social media — by posting images from a commemoration of four children who were killed by a drunk driver.

    @TheTodayShow What is particularly galling is that he sought to misguide everybody by implying that he didn’t spend Father’s Day with his family.

    Twitter: @LizSward

    11. When he failed to address a women-led March 4 Justice on his doorstep, under the excuse that "as prime minister, when you're in Canberra, it's a very busy day".

    Thousands of women #March4Justice all across the country. Many have made the trek to Parliament House in Canberra. The Prime Minister of Australia was asked if he’ll come out of his office and address the people. His answer? Here you go, IN HIS OWN WORDS 👇

    Twitter: @SarkySage

    12. When, in response to the same protest, the only comment he did bother to make was that it was a "triumph" that the very same women weren't "being met with bullets" for protesting.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressing the #March4Justice protests in Parliament. This quote is being widely shared across social media, what do you think? #auspol

    Twitter: @11NetworkAU

    13. When he suggested he was only able to develop empathy for alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins after his wife asked him to consider his experience as a husband and father.

    Did he outsource his humanity and sense of decency to his wife?

    10 News reporter Tegan George asked the PM, "Shouldn’t you have thought about it as a human being?"

    In a tense few minutes, Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP was confronted on his response to Brittany Higgins' rape allegations by 10 News First's Tegan George who asked the PM how he should feel as a human being #auspol | @tegangeorge

    Twitter: @10NewsFirst

    14. When Morrison essentially excused a member of his cabinet for calling an alleged rape victim a "lying cow".

    The comments were made by then–defence minister Linda Reynolds, with Morrison claiming that the minister had apologised for the comments and that, in addition, they were acceptable because "they were made in her private office in a stressful week."

    He went on to add: "[The comments] weren't made in a public place, and nor were they intended for that."

    News Corp's @samanthamaiden to @ScottMorrisonMP on @lindareynoldswa's "lying cow" comments: Why are there no consequences for your ministers? Is there anything you would ask a minister to resign over? #AusPol @SBSNews

    Twitter: @naveenjrazik

    15. When Morrison tried to deflect a question from a News Corp journalist about the culture of sexual harassment in the Australian parliament — by weaponising a claim of harassment that had allegedly been made at News Corp itself.

    The accusation was rejected by News Corp after it was raised by the prime minister, with the media organisation stating no such complaint had been received.

    But even if it were true, Morrison's public airing raises the question of whether he had consent from the alleged victim to draw public attention to the complaint.

    News Corp rejects Scott Morrison's assertion there was a complaint of harassment against a woman in a female toilet, says there was a "verbal exchange" between two employees in Parliament House about a workplace issue. Neither person made a complaint @australian #auspol

    Twitter: @rosieslewis

    16. When Morrison refused to stand down Christian Porter, the attorney general (at the time), while he was being investigated for a historical rape allegation.

    LATEST: PM Scott Morrison has dismissed calls for an inquiry into a rape allegation against the Attorney-General Christian Porter. Mr Porter has strongly rejected the accusation that he raped a woman in 1988 and says he will not be standing down from Cabinet. @abcnews

    Twitter: @RhettBurnie

    During Scott Morrison's word salad this morning, he said Christian Porter was an innocent man. How does he know that? Porter has been accused of violent rape. In the absence of a test of that accusation, how can Morrison say he is innocent? #CabinetMinister

    Twitter: @selga55

    17. When, in a cabinet reshuffle off the back of historical rape allegations against Porter and name-calling by Linda Reynolds, Morrison announced a new prime minister for women.

    PM Scott Morrison announces Marise Payne will become "the Prime Minister for Women" as part of an expanded ministry.

    Twitter: @srpeatling

    so, if Marise Payne is the 'prime minister for women', that makes Scott Morrison the Prime Minister for ... ?

    Twitter: @GreenJ

    18. And finally, when the Omicron variant of the coronavirus hit during the lead-up to the 2021 Christmas holidays, Morrison, in a knockout display of leadership, advocated for "personal responsibility" — instead of simple measures recommended by the Australian Medical Association, like wearing masks indoors.

    Personally, I didn't know personal responsibility was the new COVID cure-all.

    "The AMA believes it is critical the states and territories implement that advice, which is reported to included mandatory mask wearing. It is not good enough to rely on the notion of personal responsibility – we are in the middle of a pandemic."

    Twitter: @ama_media

    @9NewsAdel No jab no pay. Back when Scott Morrison didn't believe in personal responsibility instead using the apparatus of the state. #auspol

    Twitter: @lubiephil

    Personal responsibility @ScottMorrisonMP? Such as not ordering enough vaccines? Going to Hawaii during a bush fire? Not holding a hose? #auspol #ScottyDoesNothing #scottytheliar

    Twitter: @HaydenJOConnor

    Let us know in the comments if there are any other Scott Morrison moments from the past year that made your blood boil!