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      We are ignored so much in the North , we are under funded so much from Central Government for Events , that when anything happens our way, we make the most of it. To give you an idea of the injustice when it comes to this kind of thing. The Arts Council /Central Government funds Cultural Festivals from our Taxes. The Arts Council funds Cultural Festivals along side Events, matched funded by businesses; employing thousands of people, injecting life into communities .. for example ; the Tour de France Cultural Festival , visitors Per head in Yorkshire was £4.50… London for the same Events… would be £70 per visitors head. Meaning that The Arts Council gave Yorkshire £ 1 million to decorate and help local people put on Arts and an Cultural Festival for the whole of the Yorkshire Race Route and hundreds of ideas and thousands of means of employment for areas , were rejected .. whereas if it was happening in London they would have given themselves £20 million. 20 million more opportunities for growth and jobs in months before in preparation leading up to a massive event like this . The question must be how much was given for the Cambridge- London /Tour de France Route ? that no one turned up too ? . Despite the fact our Government gave Yorkshire nothing for anything really creative to happen here , to show the world how creative and talented the people are in Yorkshire , we came out in our millions and showed 88 countries watching live that Yorkshire is ‘Gods own Country ’ .

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