24 Things All Girls In Wheelchairs Should Know

    Here's what I have learned over the last four years.

    1. Look after your hands.

    2. Want to wear heels? Remember to bring Allen.

    3. Your chair is a giant handbag.

    4. But don't become your friends' cloakroom.

    5. Remember to pack a mirror.

    6. Wear long skirts with caution.

    7. Tights will have a short lifespan.

    8. There is no graceful way to lift your wheelchair into a car.

    9. Your chair is a good filter.

    10. Some people will use sympathy as a pick-up tool.

    11. But your lap is your greatest seduction method.

    12. Staying fit is easier than you think.

    13. You just have to think outside the box.

    14. You can redefine what sexy means.

    15. Long tops and high waists are a blessing.

    16. The struggle of fitting your chair and outfit into a selfie is real.

    17. Invest in add-ons for your chair.

    18. Get a backpack.

    19. You will endlessly surprise people.

    20. Learn to ignore back-handed compliments.

    21. "You're so pretty for a girl in a wheelchair."

    22. "It's so great to see you out and about."

    23. "You're so brave."

    24. You're not an inspiration. You're you.