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23 Lessons We Can All Learn From "Fade Street"

We can all learn a lot from Dani, Louise, Vogue, and Paul from Wexford.

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1. Making an entrance is vitally important. / Via Straywave Media

That's right, Paul from Wexford.

2. Know your self-worth. In job interviews, congratulate your interviewer for being privileged enough to meet you. / Via Straywave Media

Learn from Louise and remember that it's a privilege for your potential boss to even meet you. Congratulate them on achieving this honour.

3. Honesty is always the best policy. / Via Straywave Media

Paul from Wexford is a man of few words, but he only tells the truth.

4. If you have to let boys down, do it gently. / Via Straywave Media

If your heart isn't in it, don't say anything. Just recoil in horror.

5. Don't get into pointless arguments, unless you have a killer line.

Via Via Straywave Media

When Dani accused Keith of asking her out when he was seeing her mate CiCi, he owned it.

6. If you feel a bit awkward about something, just use a code word. / Via Straywave Media

Sadly, Louise later booted poor Steve out of the apartment. Nice try, though.

7. It's important to work hard... / Via Straywave Media

You type those keys, dammit.

8. ...but not too hard. / Via Straywave Media

You can't actually exert yourself.

9. Never forget your roots. / Via Straywave Media

Don't get too full of yourself just because you live in a big city like Dublin.

10. First and foremost, you should always be there for your friends. / Via Straywave Media

Preach, Vogue.

11. Take time out to go traveling and find out what the world has to offer. / Via Straywave Media

See the world.

12. It's always good to try out new and exciting hobbies. / Via Straywave Media

However diverse they may seem. Why not take up tennis, running, or DJing?

13. Always accept others for who they are. / Via Straywave Media

Diversity is the spice of life.

14. Try not to leave the house dressed the same as your mates. / Via Straywave Media

It was Rob's day to wear a hat, Leigh!

15. It's important to make an effort with your colleagues. / Via Straywave Media

Dillon St. Paul always had Louise's back when there was tension in the office.

16. Never show up to a party uninvited. / Via Straywave Media

Lest you wish to receive the stare of death from Dani.

17. Don't let relationships define who you are. / Via Straywave Media

Take a leaf out of Louise's book and be a single, independent lady.

18. And don't let bad dates get you down. / Via Straywave Media

Sure most lads are just saps anyway.

19. Know the importance of eating regularly. / Via Straywave Media

That's right, CiCi.

20. Surround yourself with friends who'll be there for you when everything else goes wrong. / Via Straywave Media

Whenever Dani had trouble with Paul, she would find solace in her friendship with Stephen. Whether it was for some dry cider or not.

21. Learn how to fight off guys who use bad chat-up lines. / Via Straywave Media

G'way out of that, Diarmaid.

22. Don't be cocky. / Via Straywave Media

Simmer down, lads.

23. And even though there will be times when you want to plot the deaths of everyone around you... / Via Straywave Media

...remember that life's too short. So just enjoy yourself instead. / Via Straywave Media