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23 Things That People In Wheelchairs Have To Cope With

Other people make it so difficult, don't they?

1. Having filthy hands all the time.

2. Getting our clothes caught in everything.

3. Sustaining mysterious injuries on a daily basis.

4. Having to do a 10-point turn to get out of any public bathroom.

5. And never being able to see ourselves in the mirror.

6. Having to tweeze hairs out of our caster wheels.

7. Realising that public transport doesn't cater to us at all.

8. And buses aren't any easier. We're constantly waiting to find out whether the wheelchair ramp actually works.

9. And we're always faced with the decision of whether we should give up the space on the bus for a pram.

10. Trying to fit a wheelchair into a car.

11. Not to mention the fact that our cars are always filthy.

12. And they're covered in scratches too.

13. Having to confront people who wrongly park in disabled parking spaces.

14. And getting dirty looks whenever we pull into wheelchair parking spaces.

15. People staring at us when we're doing really boring things, like getting petrol.

16. Being patient when the people you love mess up.

17. Having to reassure people that we are OK all the damn time.

18. Dealing silly questions like "Do you have a job?"

19. Especially the ones about sex.

20. Having to shout for attention so we are heard at bars.

21. Being massively screwed every time the lift in our building breaks.

22. Being constantly nervous that our wheelchair is going to tip over.

23. Trying to let people know that we are more than just spokes 'n' wheels.