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    Eleven Exceptional Toilet Accessories

    Relief should be the least mundane part of your day, so why not add some kitschy accessories to something you do every day to jazz it up? Who knew such things even existed?

    1. Religious Inspiration / Via

    Don't PASS this hilarious toilet seat cover OVER....

    2. A Next Level Throne

    Trend Hunter / Via

    Make that throne a Medieval Throne. Show 'em who's boss...!

    3. Stool Tool

    Amazone / Via

    Stools like the Step And Go make it easier for you to sit in a squatting-like position, like the cavemen did it. Poop with ease!

    4. Gone Fishing

    Amazon / Via

    Toilet time will never be boring again! Take the pressure off your efforts with a little angling.

    5. Toilet Pulpit

    Displays2Go / Via

    Tweet from the toilet with ease! You're friends will undoubtedly thank you for it.

    6. Down in the Dumps

    Kotula's / Via

    Attack that backed up toilet with the Redneck Plunger.

    7. Apps for Days

    Toilet Time / Via

    Don't search for the words "toilet" or "bathroom" in the app store unless you've mentally prepared for the results.

    8. Militant Poops

    Prank Palace / Via

    Battle on, soldier. Go camo with your TP.

    9. Benjamin Franklins

    Big Mouth Toys / Via

    Because you've always wanted to wipe your ass with money. Admit it.

    10. Squeaky Clean

    Lowes / Via

    A hand-held bidet. Not to be confused with a detachable sink faucet. Let's not do our dishes in the toilet.

    11. A Warmer Bottom

    Toastie Tush / Via

    An end to the cold toilet seat epidemic is at hand.