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Will Bojack Finally Be Happy?

During the last few years, the once beloved, tortured alcoholic horse actor of Hollywoo has worked his way into our hearts with his sarcastic quips and never ending struggle with depression and loneliness. Netflix's adult cartoon series, Bojack Horseman, has always been a show that tugs the heartstrings, leading us on with the possibility for Will Arnet's Bojack Horseman to escape his self-destructive nature and finally find happiness. After a year of waiting, Season 4 drew people like me in, instantly jumping into our beds to binge watch Bojack's adventures. After 12 wonderfully dark, yet insightful episodes, this new season left me with lasting impressions that created a clear division between itself and the previous seasons. Could this season be a sign for Bojack's path towards happiness? Spoilers ahead for those who have yet to finish Netflix's new enticing season of Bojack Horseman, because we'll be taking a deeper look as to why this season is Bojack's chance at achieving what he spent the last three seasons working for. Happiness.

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This Season Is Unlike Any Other

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In the past three seasons, a majority of the episodes placed a great emphasis on Bojack's attempt to escape from his destructive personality. While he finds himself in whimsical scenarios, the series drags you back to Bojack's struggle between reliving the past and progressing towards a healthier future. Regardless of whatever pursuit he uses to remedy his life; booking the role of Secretariat, finding love with Wanda and Diane, he meets failure and emptiness time and time again, unable to escape the pit of his depression. The series revolves around teasing its audience with the possibility of Bojack achieving happiness, then kicking their expectations out the window. It is that constant reminder that is so pivotal to the series; depression isn't so easily overcome and the show never fails to let its audience know that.

But this season creates an interesting dynamic that separates itself from the previous three seasons. In previous seasons, Bojack was the center of attention at every turn while the other characters are less explored and function as a driving force for Bojack's antics. Season 4 flips this dynamic and puts Bojack in the passenger seat. Episodes such as "Commence Fracking" and "Ruthie" follows the turmoils of Diane, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Princess Carolyn respectively, while Bojack explores a potential connection with his daughter, Hollyhock. This reversal of roles for these characters serves as an important reminder that mental instability and depression can reach anyone.

Bojack's Drastic Change

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Bojack has always been chasing the ghosts of his past and either attempting to relive them or put them to rest. This is seen through his inability to move past his Horsin Around days and the trauma of his abused childhood. It is clear that Bojack still holds his grudges and past success closer to his heart than anything else in his life. However as the season progresses, Bojack finds himself slowly being freed from the chains of his past due to his interactions with his daughter, Hollyhock. It is their similarities in dwelling with depressive natures that creates the first real bond that Bojack desperately tries to mend and maintain. She becomes this window of opportunity that allows Bojack slowly overcome his past. In "Thoughts and Prayers", it's Hollyhock that leads Bojack towards interacting with his abusive mother.

While their relationship is nowhere near mended, he has a brief moment of compassion in the middle of his vengeful anger. By holding back from confronting his mother about his hate, Bojack chooses to soothe her during her moment of clarity. These selfless actions are unlike Bojack's previous nature that revolves around self-destruction and self-pity. This is the true moments in which Bojack does something for the sake of another individual, rather than for an ulterior, selfish motive.

This Season Ends With A Smile (for Bojack at least)

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The final moments of this season's heavy and dark exploration of mental health are met by a smiling Bojack as he bids farewell to his "half-sister, previously believed daughter", Hollyhock. Unlike the previous seasons, the season doesn't close with a depressive state of loneliness or a fleeting drive to escape from reality. It fades to black with an up note for Bojack, finally finding someone that makes him truly happy. While the rest of the cast is left in troubled states, ones that Bojack was previously prone to, Bojack finds himself far from it. This cathartic experience leaves him with relief from the demons that constantly haunt his mind.

While the next season may possibly tear this apart, it is a breath of fresh air for our tortured character. For the audience that hopes only for his escape from depression, it is a moment of joy after three seasons of dark times. Could this possibly be Bojack's steps towards redemption and happiness or will Hollyhock's absence be another excuse for regression? All that is known is that Bojack's future doesn't seem as dark.

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