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Is This The Most Aussie Lego Set Ever?

Too bloody right it is.

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Australia and Aussie culture haven't really been represented in Lego over the years. There's the Sydney Opera House set ... and yeah that's about it.

But now Sydneysider and stage 4 melanoma survivor, Damien MacRae, and his 7 year-old son are trying to convince Lego to produce what has to be the most 'Strayan Lego set ever. The set is called Lego Surf Rescue and is based on those iconic Aussie heroes: Surf Life Savers!

And just look at how Aussie it is, starting with the most Aussie piece of clothing ever: the budgie smuggler, aka Speedos.

And like all Aussies, these life savers are SunSmart, wearing sunscreen, hats and sunnies – a first for a Lego set! Strewth!

Of course, being set on a fair dinkum Aussie beach, it has the all-important red and yellow flags, which every Australian knows you swim between to stay safe.

Then there's the Aussie surf and the Aussie surfers "Brick Fanning" and "Lei Beachley" (named for the Aussie surf champions Mick Fanning and Layne Beachley).

Watch out Brick/Mick!

The set also includes the two things every Aussie beachgoer keeps an eye out for at the beach. First, the bluebottle (who the Lego Surf Rescue guys have called "Delly the Jellyfish" after Aussie NBA import, Matthew Dellavedova) ...

... and second, the great white shark (who they call Greg, for obvious reasons). But there's no need to panic, as the beach is protected by a new-fangled shark-spotting drone! No worries!

And as with almost every Aussie beach, there's an outdoor shower to wash all the sand and salt off ...

... and a rockpool for the little nippers to explore.

Even the starfish and crab are named after Aussie icons: "Summer" the starfish (after the Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer) and "Belle" the crab (after the Aussie journo Annabelle Crabb).

The surf life savers themselves are also named after skin cancer survivors like Aussies Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Here are the Surf Rescuers Nic and Hugh rolling out a lifesaving reel.

All the set needs now is a kangaroo, a barbie and some VB and it'll be 'Strayan AF.

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