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  • If You’re Missing A Beaver, He’s Building A Dam In Midtown Memphis

    Beavers, man. Some of them apparently do not give any fucks about where they’re going to build that dam of theirs. Perhaps that explains how Star Ritchey stumbled across something you don’t see every day: a beaver building its dam out of a sewer in the heart of midtown Memphis. Simply put, beavers aren’t just something you see walking down the street in this city. But, I guess some will do whatever it takes to move into Cooper-Young.

  • In Case You Wondered What 1990’s Raves Actually Looked Like

    You guessed it: mom jeans for everyone! Shirtless dudes in Starter jackets with pony tails were all the rage & surprisingly, everyone danced at the speed of the music and chewed gum. Here’s a look back at one precious moment captured by some videographer randomly at a Belgium nightclub in 1997 where, from the looks of things, I doubt any of these club-goers went to sleep for a while.

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