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    17 Reasons Why Asian American Men (or Any Other Western Asian) Make The Best Boyfriends

    Effeminate? Passive? Asexual? F*** that. Western Asian men are the world's best secret. If you’re still single and in need of a stable relationship, you might be in need of some Asian persuasion!

    1. They are modern day Renaissance men.

    They can usually either sing, play an instrument and/or beatbox...

    and win all the dance competitions...

    From tennis to basketball to golf, they are also very athletic in a wide-range of sports.

    On top of that, they can usually speak/understand/write in [fill in complicated Asian language]

    2. Passive? Weak? Think again!

    They are raised by the most vicious, cut-throat people in the world- the old Asian woman.

    3. Being super famous or get-rich quick schemes also aren’t their thing.

    They just want or currently have a stable, high paying job.

    4. Their stable career choices also make them practical for everyday things like:

    Finding tax breaks

    Solving IT issues

    or nursing you back to health when you get sick

    5. They are culinary masters and love to cook for fun.

    You will never go hungry....

    6. Whether it’s your photo, a group photo, or a photo of your meal, they also don’t mind taking the same photo 100 times until you approve.

    7. They aren’t commitment-phobic and date to marry.

    8. Work/school/family/you come first-- not their bros and getting drunk at the club.

    9. They age impeccably and will look like the same hot guy you met 25 years later.

    Guess who isn't Asian?

    10. You never need to worry about gross back, butt or chest hair.

    Minimal body hair? Yes, please!!

    11. They are usually the best-dressed guy in the room

    and are always on top of haircut trends

    12. They are amazing and selfless lovers.

    and will work fives times harder to please you to defy any preconceived negative stereotype you had about them being bad in bed or having a small penis

    13. They love finding deals and saving money-- helping you to be more financially savvy in the process.

    Groupon? Slickdeals? Cashback? SCORE!!!

    14. They come from huge families-- often caring and feeling responsible towards their loved ones-- especially you.

    This also means you will be assaulted with Costco amounts of Asian food anytime you visit his family.

    15. Your potential offspring will always look cuter than any other baby.

    16. They are ambitious yet humble.


    Raises, promotions, interviews aren't broadcasted with #WINNING . That's what their Asian parents are for...

    17. Most importantly, for all the reasons above-- they make awesome husbands!

    Sooo dreamy!