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Yeah, It's Tough Being A Vegan

Sometimes vegans have moments of weakness. Be strong, my friends. Be strong.

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Every Time You're at a Wedding


Weddings can be hard for vegans because they are full of deliciousness, and all of the happiness, dancing, and feather boas can distract them from their mission of protecting all of the little (and big) animals.

Every Time Your Friends Order Dessert at Non-Vegan Restaurants


How could anything so beautiful be so wrong? This is when you order another glass of wine to silence the screaming sugar demons in your brain.

Every Time You Walk Past a Food Cart


The smell, while usually unidentifiable (Is it meat? Falafel? Eggs?!), can be extremely enticing; however, you still hold your breath when walking past them so that you don't accidentally inhale the meat fumes.

Every Time Your Company Buys Pizza for Lunch


Usually they don't order from a vegan pizza shop, where vegan cheese is a possible topping. So, instead, you enjoy the sights and smells of a twenty-person pizza party while eating your arugula and beet salad from a tupperware container.

And while all vegans wish that cheese tasted disgusting... doesn't.

So, in moments of weakness, vegans only have one option: To think of all the poor, little animals who need their help.

Then, when you ask yourself, "Is being a vegan worth it?" you know the answer.


You are fighting for a noble cause, AND you get to avoid diabetes.

Once again, you are fully aware of your own awesomeness.

And once you return from all of the weddings, the restaurants, and the pizza parties, you finally get to stuff your face with vegan deliciousness.


Mmmmmm tempeh.

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