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16 Best Food & Cocktail Creations To Boost That Sexual Appetite On Valentine's Day

Not sure what to make for this Valentine's day? Whether it's something pink, heart shaped or libido boosting you're after, we have it all right here. After hosting my own Valentine's dinner party with each guest bringing a dish, here are some fab ideas to inspire you. All these foods have been made by us non-professional chefs, yet the recipe links we have used have also been posted - as all these dishes amazed us and we hope you can try them too for your special someone.

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The Raw Libido Booster

Made by Lotta Robertson / Via

If you want a rich raw choc mousse that makes you go mmmmm…ahhh.. But also want something super healthy.....Well as strange as this sounds, this avocado pudding is so yummy you would think it’s pure chocolate. The properties of the avocado helps boost your sexual desire and the cocoa powder will boost your endorphins… after indulging you’ll experience libido boosting sensations. I added some banana to make it a little sweeter (yet keeping it healthy) and topped with goji berries, chia seeds and crushed nuts.

Tapenade That Ass... Served With Blinis

Nicole Jackson / Via

One word....YUM! Tapenade is a delish dish to have anytime, but make it valentines-eyy with these super cute heart shaped blinis. However, it was mentioned that the blinis do take a long time to prepare (2 hours for the yeast to take action) but they were definitely worth the effort. The tapenade is a different story- all of that flavorsome dish only took 5 mins. Did you know that olives are full of nutrients which help beautify our skin and hair? So say yes to olives for valentine's day so we can look and feel our ultimate best. ** Top tip - It would be way quicker to make large bellinis then to use a cookie cutter to make them into smaller hearts rather than making them individually.

The LOVE Pâté

Lotta Robertson / Via

So many reasons to LOVE this Mackerel and Beetroot pâté I first ate this in Cafezique in Glasgow and now i always crave it. 1) Super cheap to make 2) Super easy to make. 3) Eating Mackerel helps release the same hormone which is released in the brain when we orgasm 4) Look at that natural colour!!! Perfect for Valentine's day foods!! 5) Did i mention the orgasm fact?! I made mine pretty basic and just used smoked Mackerel, lemon juice, cracked pepper and ready cooked beetroot. there are more ingredients you can add such as horseradish etc etc but im a poor student so i did this one on the cheap and i love eating it with oatcakes for lunch.

Get Figgy With It

Lotta Robertson / Via

An aphrodisiac delight. want to make a little romantic nibble that doesn't cost as much as oysters. these little sensual delights were warmed under the grill and then stuffed with goats cheese and parma ham (except one for the veggie option) and then drizzled in balsamic glaze. Give your libido a boost and get figgy with it.

Sensual Curing

Ruth Davidson / Via

So delish and fancy yet how easy is this to make! not to mention that salmon promotes a healthy sexual appetite. Ok it takes a little time to be cured (5 hours) so best to plan ahead! This bad boy was served up with pickles.

Lovers Linguine

Lovers -Sophie Mead and Mark Jamieson / Via

This is the ultimate lady and the tramp valentine's meal ever. This linguine was packed with bloody mary flavours and decorated with prawns and these beautifully cut out chorizo hearts. How cute is that!?!?! The sauce was made with a bloody mary cocktail (if you don't want the alcohol then just opt out of the vodka). This meal was created using a recipe of their own, so I have added a similar one but additional ingredients such as the prawns and chorizo hearts were were in our delish-dish . Tomatoes have been said to help calm some pre-sex nerves so by eating foods to help you relax will help you perform better in the bedroom. so chill out and slurp up this!

Pom-your-grannit Ice Cream (Lactose free!!!)

Alice Johnston

OOOOHHHH MY, this is heavenly....I'm seriously struggling to look at the picture without drooling it was that good. Being intolerant to cows milk I was super happy that one friend made her very own ice cream that I could eat, and WAW it is definitely the best ice cream i've ever had. The pomegranate gave the ice cream a lovely pale pink colour, and its also the key ingredient to boosting that sex drive. Although the recipe says to use double cream, Alice opted for a lactose free one and i don't think anyone else would have even noticed. *top tip, Alice mentioned how long it took to juice these pomegranates for the ice cream, which she feels she will probably use pomegranate juice in the future to save time.

I'll Take The Viagra Salad Please

Lotta Robertson / Via

Who knew watermelon was one of nature's viagras.. Well fellas keep your sexual health in tip top shape with this mouth watering salad. Lovely and fresh with the combination of mint, watermelon and feta. I think i forgot to dress the salad with the balsamic glaze but i don't think anyone noticed! I was served this whilst visiting my relies in NZ, so i cant take all the credit! I thought this is something so simple and brilliant and i couldn't wait for summer to have this again, so Valentines became the perfect opportunity to create this dish. ** If you want to make this extra cute why not try cutting the watermelon into hearts using mini cookie cutters!


Gemma Kinnaird

Check how cute these roast potatoes are!!! This is a fantastic idea for a side on valentines day... you can never have too many heart shaped things on valentine's day either. Season well and sprinkle rosemary over and you will be winning. These do take a bit longer than just whacking them in the oven as there is the whole heart cutting prep, so plan ahead and they will be totally worth it.

Carrot Powers

Lotta Robertson

There was an old myth that once said that carrots gave you power in the bedroom... however new studies have actually proven that carrots are great for mens fertility. So help a fella out, feed those guys carrots and their produce will be swimming like Michael Phelps... i topped these roasted baby carrots with pomegranate seeds to keep everyones sexual appetite elevated and drizzled with balsamic glaze.

If You Prawna Be My Lover

Gemma Kinnaird

If you havn't got much time but still want to make something heartshaped to eat... this is it!!! Who wouldnt want to be your lover after being presented this plate of love. To boost the romance in the bedroom.. or anyroom at need to keep a healthy blood circulation by eating healthy foods such as prawns. Prawns will provide you with omega 3 which helps prevent heart disease or stroke whilst also elevating those sexual desires. Don't be fooled by the bed of spinach, it's not for show, but this is an excellent source of energy which if things go well you may be thankful for.

My Hot Spicy Chick

Lotta Robertson / Via

I went to town on the spice level, I wanted to heat things up at my dinner party. Obviously if you don't like things too hot then just take it easy when adding the chilli sauce (I also added chilli flakes). This Asian dish is a great idea of a home cooked meal - You may have been opting for a take out for a cosy night in for Valentines day... However, I think your lover would appreciate the effort of making it yourself than going to your local carry out. What will make me in the mood after this dish you may ask, well it's definitely a comfort meal, something you may want to snuggle up to on the sofa after, and wheres the harm in a good snuggle. It will also give you brownie points in the relationship on making something super hearty. To boost the sex drive I topped it up with sesame seeds because they are a superfood which is packed with an abundance of nutrients, and let's face it a healthy person is a happy person.

The Valentines Collins

Lovers- Nicole Jackson and Jamie Harte / Via

Try this new cocktail out, and I can assure you it won't fail to impress! All credit to Nicole and her love, Jamie, for creating this great spin off from the Tom Collins cocktail. Made with strawberries, raspberries and gin and topped with soda, what a refreshing and delightful drink. Something fun, and tasty to toast to with your love. Not to mention strawberries are highly associated with sex, due to their good source of zinc , therefore think zincy kinky and eat strawberries or do as we did and stick them in a cocktail!!

Ice Ice Baby

Lotta Robertson

Why not even make your ice cubes in the theme of valentine's day, I filled mine with pomegranate seeds which were nice when they slowly melted. You could always place mint leaves or small fruits like blueberries would be nice too.

Korma Sutra

Lovers - Mark Jamieson and Sophie Mead / Via

FYI this photo may not do it justice - but trust me when we say YUM and more please...This dairy free Korma was still creamy and amazing like any other korma out there (If not better!). Using coconut milk instead of yogurt or cream still gives the curry the creamy texture. Although this creation was made from their own recipe, I have attached a similar recipe, although honey and almonds were not used in our dish i am sure it it would be fun to experiment . You may be thinking...why will this make me in the mood for sex... well... by using coconut milk, it helps lower your blood pressure, which in turn keeps the blood flowing to all your sexual organs making it easier for you to be receptive for some ooh la la with that special someone. It also helps keep males prostates healthy and with the natural sugars it will make the sperm taste sweeter (If thats your cup of tea) ....Not to mention that coconut contains lots of nutritional goodness which provides so much energy which will give you both that extra boost for a sexual workout.

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